Webhosting choice crucial decision for digitalmediamarketing

Digital media marketing has emerged from as simple as a blogspot, onto wordpress blog to Enterprise content management systems hosting content needed for marketing the product, service of the business. As such enterprises host their websites, blogs in premium hosting services.
When we launched our online business way back in 2008 in a blogspot we were looking for a hosting provider. Thats wherein we landed onto hosting provider based on some online reviews. It was found to be working fine until upto a point wherein we had to migrate onto another web host availing the deal. After making lots of changes we were looking for some reliable web hosting service that we can recommend to our clients.
We recently migrated our website onto a stable webhosting service called Siteground. Sitegroud is gaining popularity and has become a popular brand name among companies looking to grow fast in next few years. They have many interesting plan options to choose from. Their plan runs as simple as Startup and has a medium option to Growbig that can eventually become Gogeek. It is interesting to note that they run a better deal when we try to purchase any of the above mentioned web hosting plan from siteground
Based on our personal experience we recommend siteground because
1) It hosts website fast
2) They have migrated our website from another 100% free of cost
3) Their technical expertise is awesome. Look to have your problem solved same day. Turn around time typically is between 1 minute to 3 minutes to get hold of a customer service representative
4) They come with cPanel option to maintain and manage websites
5) Plans like GrowBig, GoGeek do provide option to host multiple websites
6) Daily backups of mysql databases are taken and maintained
7) If website goes down you are properly notified. This ensures business continuity
With al these things in mind, siteground would be the ideal web hosting to start your digital media marketing without any delay