Shop brand diapers cheapest saving ray for parents

Diaper is an expense that starts with first cry. Diaper finds prominent place in your baby registry. With 1000’s of brands, types of diapers in place picking the correct diaper for your kid with best deal has always been a challenge to parents.
As a parent or a parent to be most of us go with online reviews, talk to our family and friends,get information from family and friends to know which diaper to choose for our to-be born little blessing. As such diaper is an essential as well as expensive baby product that can’t be overlooked. Say, on an average in a span of 3 years if you calculate carefully you would have spent closer to $4500 on diapers if not carefully chosen.
New parents have lots of confusion on choosign diaper as this is their first experience most of us prefer to go with standard brand names like Pampers, Huggies, Luv’s etc. During purchase diaper brands offer gift card based on offer availability as well. As such the average cost of diaper for newborn, size 1 etc comes around $.29 per diaper on top brands. The average brand say luv’s costs around $0.14 per diaper.
Based on my personal experience I did purchase costco proprietor brand Kirkland diaper recently. Walmart has their own brand of diapers as well. I choose to call these kind of diapers shop brand diapers. The interesting part is that the average cost per diaper was around $0.11 per diaper. When we compare with even an average brands this is a good saving. Also, the number of diapers and the average baby growth rate is found to be in tally. Hence we will not have issue of baby outgrowing too many diapers. Considering this I wanted to share my personal experience so that parents and parents to be can checkout deals on shop brand diapers before jumping into conclusion that popular brand names are the only ones to be bought.
Considering the quality of the shop diaper, they are not too sophisticated as the popular brands. But they are not bad indeed. They serve the intended purpose of protecting against leak. The retention is comparable to popular brand. In worst case scenario if we choose to use double the number of shop diapers still the savings is better than using branded diapers