Real advantage of certification exams

Often many of us ask this question on whether I should be professionally certified. If so what benefit do I get out of this certification. If not will I miss the option.
As ooposed to 2000 wherein certifications happened to be flaming hot , it is not essentially important to be certified to obtain a job. Lets take for example oracle DBA OCP certificaiton track. Anyone aspiring to become DBA can access oracle documentation online, install database, practice commands, clear interview, find job. However, do they still need to appear for the OCP exam? Here is our analysis and recommendaiton on this
1) Certifications gives you clarity on topics – This is absolutely true. Say, you have studies, made use of concepts in day to day job. Attempt to read a chapter and try to attempt practice quesitons. Thats wherein you realize that you actually missed some nitty gritty little stuff. Certification compensates on this
2) Gain confidence with certificaiton – If you really prepare for certification exam , you gain confidence and good grep on topics
3) No need to appear for exam – If you think it is too expensive you dont have to appear for exam. With the discipline, commitment you are prepared to perform job duties more efficiently and effectively
If you get sponsorship it would make real good sense to complete certification exam without delay