Oracle database can cater bigdata projects

Oracle database has come out with its latest version Oracle database 12c last July and has been adding interesting features to make sure that this robust RDBMS can cater the growing demand of big data and does provide support for JSON the Javascript Object Notation.
Why should oracle provide support for JSON?
MongoDB the most popular NoSQL database is based on document based model wherein documents are stored in JSON format/BSON [Binary form of JSON]. As the demand for bigdata grows, it becomes inevitable for players in RDBMS space to look for ways to support JSON format.
How does Oracle database 12c handle this?
Oracle database 12c does make use of CLOB datatype while storing such information. Lets take a simple example,
create table json_support(id int, json_data clob);
Is this optimal?
Oracle does make this optimal using functions like json_value(). Function-based indexes extend the performance benefits
Can Oracle database support Bigdata?
Oracle database the legacy database supporting variety of systems on healthcare, finance, retail and many such sectors has been widely popular supporting OLTP, datawarehousing applications. Bigdata is the talk of this decade and many of us would like to determine if oracle can be used as BigData database.
First of all what is a bigdata?
Bigdata as such is a platform on which we pull data from datawarehouse, OLAP, tweets and many disparate datasources supporting structured and unstructured data. The datawarehouse can be an oracle database. Hence oracle database can be portion of bigdata platform.
Oracle the master of databases is the only database in industry to come up with Oracle big data appliance and big data connector that caters the need of enterprise big data.As contrast to other databases Oracle adopts principle of leverage the existing enterprise database architecture including Oracle Exadata and incorporate big data into it to deliver big value to business