Mongodb certification exam questions

Mongodb certification exam questions will help you prepare and crack the mongodb certification
1) How do you monitor mongodb instances?
a) mongodb utilities
b) Ops manager
c) database commands
d) All of the above
Answer : d
Explanation : Mongodb instance should be monitored starting with set of utilities that come pre-packaged as part of mongodb. These are mainly used for reporting purposes. Database commands come handy to get details on current database statistics. In addition to this mongodb cloud manager a cloud monitoring GUI, ops manage an on-premise install that has features equivalent to mongodb cloud manager help with visualization and alerts real-time from database
2) How do you start mongod and mongos instances using config file?
a) mongod -f /etc/mongod.conf; mongos -f /etc/mongos.conf
b) mongod -a /etc/mongod.conf; mongos -a /etc/mongos.conf
c) mongod -h /etc/mongod.conf; mongos -h /etc/mongos.conf
d) mongod -s /etc/mongod.conf; mongos -s /etc/mongos.conf
Answer : a
Explanation : We can start mongod and mongos instances from command-line as well as config files. To make use of config file, we specify option -f

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