Make digital media marketing your lucrative career

World is going digital so does the business. Every business needs web presence website at bare minimum. Not to stop here brands try to establish, sustain, grow their business leveraging online platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest to name a few. Digital media marketing is a growing trend this decade

In this post let us talk about the importance of certification program in digital media marketing space. Is this really worth it? Lets start this with a simple fictional story:

1) Say person ABCD owns a free blog in blogpot

2) With constant continuous hardwork he is able to drive traffic to his blogspot and decided to migrate to wordpress in few days

3) He designs his website with best SEO practice like including post name in permalinks , installing Yoast SEO plugin, creating original, unique, good quality content to start with

4) He takes his website social by creating social media accounts in facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram

5) He automates post scheduling and publishing using wordpress free plugins, services like DLVR, linksalpha

6) He adds google analytics code to track his visitors

Now, is a digital media marketing really important? Person ABCD has done all essential steps needed to grow his passion into sellable business. Will digital certification add value?

Answer is certainly yes. When there is a business, technology, domain that is in budding stage relevant certifications crop up so fast. Digital media marketing is no exception. As a passionate blogger to add value to your profile and project yourself as professionally qualified in internet media marketing space, industry accredited digital media marketing certifications do come handy

They teach a structured way of doing things. Upon completion of course it would be really worth to revisit existing business if any apply the concepts learnt to see the results.

In addition to this , such certifications help us establish our brands as standard business. Lets take a real-time example

1) Log into account. search for jobs with keywords digital media marketing – The engine does pull up relevant jobs like digital media marketing expert, seo expert, digital media marketing intern etc

2) Say you already own a well optimized website with interesting traffic in place. Use this as your Unique selling point to apply for such job roles

3) Say if you have up-to-date industry accredited digital marketing certification like – Hootsuite certification, Hubspot Certification on Inbound marketing, Google Analytics Individual Qualified certification, Bing analytics certification etc. This will demonstrate your commitment towards digital media marketing domain. Now, people realize that you are dedicating your energy onto your business and not maintaining this as hobby

4) You stand apart from the crowd

One interesting factor about many of these programs is that most of them are free open to anyone who is passionate about acquiring knowledge in relevant domain, is time bound. Say hubspot inbound media marketing certification is free and valid for one year. Also, the digital certification can be associated with your current profile

Even in case of bigdata projects the datafeed happens to be web logs, hence website analytics knowledge comes handy. This is a detailed topic that can be taken up in separate post