What does hazardous materials technician do?

Hazardous materials technician has the primary job duty to collect, package and properly dispose waste that are categorized as hazmat aka hazardous material. Primarily hazmat involves chemicals, chemical spills that need to be carefully disposed
Here is a career overview and job duties of a hazardous materials technician
1) Work under the supervision of manager to perform cleanup of chemical spills, clean chemical tanks
2) Science packs are chemical items used for laboratory purpose. Hazmat technician need to properly package the trash applying lab pack procedures as well as bulk package chemicals in proper containers for disposal
3) Storm drains are maintained to store good rainwater. A Hazmat technician is responsible for inspection and cleaning of storm water drains. This ensures that only rainwater is stored in storm drains by cleaning storm water pump house under confined space procedures
4) Hazmat technician must manifest,package,label as well as transport chemical drums for proper disposal of hazardous chemical waste
5) They are involved in decontamination process. This involves cleaning and decontamination of regulated materials from spills, trenches, drains, oil/water separators, boilers, vats, and other industrial cleaning applications
6) They will have to operate earth-moving equipment or trucks for proper transportation of hazardous waste. Typically Driver’s License with Hazardous Materials Endorsement is needed for this purpose
7) This is a physically demanding job involving climbing,lifting, standing, walking,carrying, crouching, crawling etc during cleaning operations
8) Knowledge and training in first-aid is expected from hazardous materials technician
9) They must properly communicate during cleaning operations,noncompliance concerns to ensure corrective actions have taken place
10) They must properly complete the required documentation and physical preparation for storage and/or shipping of both regulated and non-regulated hazardous materials, according to established procedures and appropriate regulations
11) They are expected to work off-hours on weekends,be available 24×7 over the phone
12) They must possess personal protective equipment gear bag in their possession and fully stocked at all times
13) They must apply hazardous materials handling and storage procedures and processes
14) They must store materials, parts and hazardous waste materials such as waste oils, solvents and industrial wastewater in proper locations according to identifying factors
15) They must be part of HazMat team and assist during spill response situations
16) They must maintain adequate hazmat shipping supply inventory. Typical hazmat shipping kit includes hazmat approved boxes, HAZMATPAC ABSORBENT A-900,special permit/exemption packaging,bottle in can kits,4GV packaging kits,4gv shipping coolers,toxic by inhalation shippers,4g shippers for metal containers,4g shippers for plastic containers,vermiculite etc
What is the qualification expected out of Hazardous materials technician?
1) This is a physically demanding job and the candidate is expected to be physically fit
2) Commercial driver’s license with Hazmat endorsement is a must
3) OSHA 1910-120 Operational Hazmat Technician 40 Hour Training is needed so that they understand the OSHA safety regulations while working with HAzmat. This is based on 49 CFR of OSHA. OSHA Operational Hazmat Technician Annual 8 Hour Refresher that is current is demanded by employers
4) Handling vehicles, material handling equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks etc is expected
5) CPR & First Aid Certification is often a mandate but some employers make it optional

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