Diapers count needed for newborn during baby registry planning

As a new parent much excited to welcome the cure little thing planning baby registry might seem cumbersome though it is not so tough in reality 🙂 Who can resist the temptation to feel the touch, sense the smell, enjoy the happiness of the cute little thing after 9 months of penance? Here at learnersreference.com we aim to make your journey towards parenthood easy, comfortable. Here is a baby registry tip on deciding on number of diapers to buy for your newborn baby
1) Diaper count – In reality on an average a newborn baby does consume 6 to 8 diapers per day. From the moment baby is born, at hospital they offer you diaper registry that mandates you to record the timings your little one does pee or pooh. This is a track that you need to do round the clock. For first 1 week keep doing this. Typically once you leave the hospital, you will have to visit your pediatrician’s office where the doctor will ask for the registry. Pediatrician will look for frequency of pee and pooh to make sure the little one is doing fine, color of pooh and pee if you find something obvious. Here we are not medical practitioners and don’t take this as a final word. If you find dark yellow pee, call your pediatrician office immediately as this may be indication of first jaundice. This is a totally separate topic :). Now , coming to the count on an average 8 diapers per day is what you can expect to change
2) Choosing diaper brand – This is crucially confusing step. I have blogged in detail about advantages of shop branded diapers, lots of savings you can expect from the shop branded diapers etc. IF you are not convinced popular brands can be chosen from target, amazon mom prime, walmart, costco etc
3) Weight of baby Vs diaper size – While you shop for diapers make sure you don’t overbuy as the diaper size depends on baby’s weight. Now, diaper count makes good sense 🙂 Say, your little one is considered newborn until certain weight. Look for weight chart from your pediatrician’s office. If you think to save more money by availing coupon offers during baby registry stage, plan correctly with average weight and diaper usage in mind
4) Extension of newborn diaper usage – It is to be noted that diaper is named newborn, 1 month and so on based on weight of the baby. However, in real scenario this is not 100% true. If you have some leftover diapers you can still use them for few more days. It does fit the bill and you will not end up wasting any diapers
5) Coupon from baby registry – This is something you can organize, save for future diaper purchase. Some brands offer coupon that can be again used with same brand purchase. See if you save better with shop branded diapers
6) Baby registry timing for diaper purchase – Say you choose baby registry with targeted shops. Best thing would be to apply for card, avail best purchase discounts that come as part of that store card. However, some credit cards like discover card offer best cashback offers during chosen time of year on retail purchases, purchase at amazon.com etc. This can even be 20% discount while using such cards on certain seasons. Though this may not be urgent for you choose to make purchase well in advance to get best price and deals