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SQL Interface for Google Appengine

If you are an IT Professional say programmer, administrator (system,network,database,server – particularly IT infrastructure professional) unsure about your job security in this tough economic situation I’d suggest you to choose a cloud application development platform which could be one among Salesforce force.com, google App Engine, Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 to name a few. While making a choice choose the cloud platform that supports the technology that your organizations runs.

Lets say if you are choosing Google App Engine. It supports Python, Java. PHP code is accessible via Java package quercus. Database query using GQL (Based on SQL) is needed for building dynamic applications.
If you choose force.com, it is a GUI with their properitory tools and technologies. You’ll be expected to be knowing Visualforce, APEX to name a few.
Microsoft Azure comes with its Windows Azure OS, SQL Azure relational database management system, Windows Azure Appengine
Amazon EC2 do have their set of tools.
So, if your organization applications are based on Java technology, Google app engine will be a good choice.
Google cloud computing solution google app engine has been released on 2008. It is a free cloud computing environment wherein users can deploy their sample applications and enjoy the benefits of cloud computing including SaaS (Software as service), PaaS (Platform as a service) etc.. Google charges its customers as per its terms and conditions.
Google App engine currently supports two major technologies and has SDK (Software Development Kit) for these two technologies :
1) Python Programming – A open source software popular among web development community. It is a freeware and has advanced web programming features including CGI programming, Web scraping etc
2) Java Programming – Java servlets and java server side programming has been fully supported.
3) GQL – Google SQL is the query language from Google Labs. Interesting part is the this is not based on RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) which are most popular and in use today. Instead it is based on a concept called Bigtable – An innovative storage system for structured data. It is used to scale very large size, say petabytes of data across very large servers. Information is stored, retrieved, modified in Datastore
More information on Google App engine technology and its great advantages, cloud computing features, how the cloud computing features are implemented in Google app engine will be discussed in detail.

Google App engine is a boon for developers. Web developers/website owners can host their web application under google infrastructure.Google provides an amazing space of 500MB, 5 million page viewsper month and many other resources for free.Once the resource usage exceeds the free quota, billing should be enabled. This is cloud platform from Google Inc
Google helps developers develop their site using two best Web Technologies
1) Java – Java Servlet, JSP, Java-script(client-side)
2) Python Framework – CGI scripting
Provisions for creating dynamic websites, webstores for storing data is available under both the web technologies.GQL is an SQL used to extract entities or keys from Google App Engine scalable datastore
GQL is Google SQL whose syntax is same as SQL(structured Query language) used to query the normal RDBMS(Relational database management system).GQL features are different from those of SQL

Google Maps API Registration Key

Google maps API is the AJAX concept that is gaining popularity. Many developers are curious to know how to start about using Google maps API. It is really simple. Here are the sequence of steps needed to register and start using google map API. Upon registration each and every user gets a unique key that they can make use of with their application. Google MAps API is an AJAX implementation and hence the key is integrated in form of Javascript. Here are the steps needed to register and start using Google maps API :
1) You need a gmail to start with this registration process. If you don’t have a gmail account create a new gmail account
2) Login using your gmail account into www.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html
3) Click on I Agree Terms. Specify the website address. It is to be noted that this key is valid for only one website. Say  if specified in the website box, this google maps api key can be used only with  and not with http://learnersreference.com etc
4) This will give you a key.
Note : You won’t get any email on this. So,copy and paste this key in a separate file on your own for future purposes.