Adding Logfile to AdventureWorks2012 Database

It is evident that we can simply attach AdventureWorks2012.mdf datafile to a database and make it accessible. However, logfile is not naturally added as a part of this porcess.
Adding logfile to AdventureWorks2012 database is simple and straight forward by using alter databas edatabasename add log file command
alter database AdventureWorks2012
add log file ( name=Adventureworks2012log1,

SQL.BSQ Script

SQL.BSQ Script is run to create base tables,roles at the database creation time.sql.bsq creates the following roles – connect,resource,dba,select_catalog_role,delete_catalog_role,execute_catalog_role
Role is the grouping of privileges that can be granted to users.As privileges are grouped they can be granted and revoked simultaneously.