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PMP training edison nj

It is interesting to note that pmp certification the project management professional certification has been constantly holding real high amidst lots of certifications from many different professional bodies. This clearly demonstrates the superiority of PMP certification and its mandate for current and upcoming project managers
We have prepared our PMP Training course curriculum with efforts from candidates who have successfully cleared their PMP exam in their very first attempt with 100% success rate in first attempt. Having been prepared by PMP certified professionals who have lots of real-time experience this course curriculum will help you pass PMP exam and can assist you with your project management career
PMP training from most trusted brand at BEST PRICE in the world offers you unique advantage of
1) 35 hours of PDU upon course completion
2) Learn at your Own PLACE, Own PACE
4) PMP training material prepared by PMP certified professionals unlike other training companies who hire trainers who have no real idea of what PMP is and how this can help you leverage your project management career
5) Fantastic Customer Support available 24×7 to answer all your questions
Why PMP Training at Edison NJ?
Edison NJ is the hub of new jersey that is closest to central new jersey as well as offering best transportation connectivity to Newyork city. With lots of companies that have continuous projects, upcoming projects in-line the rate of PMP certified project managers hired in this locality is very high compared to other locations. To get best benefit out of PMP training and progress further in project manager career without delay, purchase our PMP training kit that does offer 35 hours of PDU without delay
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PMP Closing Project Practice Exam

Which of the following represents the final task during project close-out?
A. Reassignment of team member.
B. Verification that contractual obligations were met.
C. Transferring the deliverables to the client.
D. Completion of performance/lessons-learned records.
Answer: C
Which of the following items is required when developing a detailed project cost
A. Project character
B. Management plan
C. Cost plan
D. Resource requirements
Answer: D
Which of the following can be used to measure overall project performance?
A. A work breakdown structure.
B. A Gantt chart.
C. An earned value chart.
D. A PERT chart.
E. A flow chart.
Answer: C
What should you as the project manager do in the event of reduced funding on your
A. Perform detailed financial analysis and renegotiate for adequate funding.
B. Only do as much work as the new budget permits and document actions taken.
C. Inform in customer that the project will be delayed an adjust resources accordingly
D. Inform the customer of impacts and negotiate a change in scope.
E. Abandon the project until funds are made available.
Answer: D
Consider the following scenario: the contract is a fixed price/lump sum contract.
The change control procedure in place states that written authorization for all
changes is required. You noticed that there is a 200% budget overrun due to one of
the project team members verbally instructing a supplier to perform work outside
of its contracted scope of work.
How would you as the project manager address this project team member for the
apparent disregard for following directions? What conflict resolution style will you
A. Compromising
B. Problem-solving
C. Forcing
D. Smoothing
E. Withdrawal
Answer: B
Which of the following would you use in risk identification due to it allowing a
systemic evaluation of the work?
A. Conference chart
B. Design specification
C. Work breakdown structure.
D. Project slow chart
E. Project chart
Answer: C
Which of the following items would be the most important aspect to communicate in
an introductory meeting where the prime construction contractor in a renovation
project withdrew during early construction and a new contractor was chosen and
new crews reported to the job?
A. Introducing the team members and the communications exchange.
B. Establishing authority as the manager in charge.
C. Ensuring that all crew members are cognizant of the line of command.
D. Identifying the project goals and objectives.
E. Outlining behavior and performance rules to the crew.
Answer: D
As the project manager, which of the following techniques would you employ to
control the project schedule?
A. Pareto diagram.
B. Statistical sampling.
C. Performance measurement
D. Parametric modeling.
E. All of the above.
Answer: C
Following are various outputs. Which output is a consequence of project plan
A. The work breakdown structure.
B. The project character.
C. The change requests.
D. The responsibility assignment matrix.
Answer: C

You are conducting a status meeting and monitoring your risk register when you discover
a risk that remains even after you implement all of your response strategies. What kind of
risk is this and what should you do about it?
A. It’s a residual risk. You don’t need to plan a response strategy for it because you’ve
already implemented all of the risk responses you can plan for.
B. It’s a secondary risk. You don’t need to worry about it.
C. It’s a contingency reserve. You should only use it if the first risk occurs.
D. It’s a residual risk. You need to plan a response strategy for it.
Answer: A
You are managing a project with 23 team members and six key stakeholders. Two team
members identify a problem with the current approach. Addressing that problem will
require changes to the project plan and its subsidiary plans. One of the stakeholders
previously indicated that any delays are unacceptable, and your team members tell you
that it’s possible the change could cause the team to miss at least one critical deadline
What is the BEST way to deal with this situation?
A. Gather consensus among the team that you should make the change before
approaching the stakeholders, so that they can see the team supports making the change.
B. Deny the change because any delays are unacceptable.
C. Analyze the impact that the change will have on the work to be done, the schedule and
the budget.
D. Make the change to the project plan and subsidiary plans, and ask the team to
implement the change.
Answer: C
As you complete each deliverable for your project, you check that it is correct along with
your stakeholders and sponsors. Which process are you performing?
A. Scope Control
B. Activity Definition
C. Scope Definition
D. Scope Verification
Answer: D
The project charter is typically approved by the project sponsor, although some charters
can be approved by key stakeholders instead. Which of the following BEST describes the
role of the project sponsor on the project?
A. The sponsor verifies that all of the work was completed
B. The sponsor negotiates all contracts
C. The sponsor provides funding for the project
D. The sponsor manages the project
Answer: C
Which is the BEST description of project scope?
A. All of the features and deliverables your project will deliver
B. All of the products your project will make
C. All of the people involved in your project
D. All of the work you will do to build the product
Answer: D
There are 17 people on a project. How many lines of communication are there?
A. 68
B. 136
C. 112
D. 105
Answer: B
You are managing an accounting project when a new CFO is hired at your company
He’ll be affected by all accounting projects in your company. What’s the BEST thing for
you to do?
A. Work with him to understand the current requirements and determine if he has new
ones to add to the project.
B. Keep working on the project and get his feedback when he can review the finished
C. Show him the Project Charter so that he knows that you are in charge of the project.
D. Add him to the communications plan.
Answer: A
Complete the following sentence: “The later a defect is found, __________.”
A. the more expensive it is to repair
B. the easier it is to find
C. the less important it is to the product
D. the faster it is to repair
Answer: A
A request, demand or assertion of a contract partner for consideration, compensation or
payment under a legally binding contract, such as a disputed change, is often referred to
as a99
A. Refinement
B. Trial
C. Audit
D. Claim
Answer: D
You identified a technical risk in your project and assigned a contingency for that.
Planning contingency reserves is part of what risk response strategy?
A. Passive risk acceptance
B. Active risk acceptance
C. Active risk mitigation
D. Passive risk avoidance
Answer: B
A project underwent a major Scope change, which increased cost and work levels. What
does this mean for Earned value data?
A. As baselines should generally not be adjusted, the project is due to exceed its budget
from now on.
B. There are several reasons to change a baseline, but not scope changes. The project will
exceed its budget.
C. The cost baseline will be updated and the new baseline will be the basis for future
earned value analysis.
D. Earned value analysis becomes useless after a scopechange, the technique should not
be used any more.
Answer: C
Which of the following is NOT typically found in a project charter?
A. Project requirements
B. Authorization for a project manager to work on a project
C. Work packages decomposed into activities
D. An initial set of schedule milestones
Answer: C
Which of the following is NOT an output of the Close Project process?
A. Project files
B. Project closure documents
C. Project management methodology
D. Formal acceptance documentation
Answer: C
You are managing a construction project to install wiring in an office building. You
discover that one of your team members has taken a box of cable from the job site so he
can wire his attic. What is the BEST way to respond?
A. Report the team member to PMI
B. Call the police
C. Report the team member to your manager
D. Do nothing
Answer: B
You’re managing a construction project to install several hundred air conditioner panels
in a new office building. Every floor has identical panels. The customer, a construction
contracting company, has provided specifications for the installations. The team is using
a process to install and verify each panel. As the team completes each panel, your team’s
quality control inspector measures it and identifies defects. The root cause of each defect
is identified. You want to identify the ongoing trends of defective installations. Which is
the BEST tool to use for this?
A. Run chart
B. Pareto chart
C. Control chart
D. Fishbone diagram
Answer: A