Big Data Predictive Analysis In Healthcare

Healthcare the domain often considered evergreen has tremendous amount of data and will generate more data as population keeps growing day by day. Information often gets generated in unstructured format in form of clinical notes, radiology records, PACS reports, images, genetic reports etc. As a result the need to store healthcare data in form of big data in NoSQL databases becomes inevitable.
How does predictive analysis play role in healthcare?
Prediction is no different than diagnosing a health condition. Predictive analysis is the process to determine the pattern among the existing information that provides more insight on possible chronic health conditions. One such example is prediction of heart disease by analyzing the current range of a certain compound in blood results.
What is essential to find new job opportunities in this domain?
Basic knowledge of IT
Healthcare domain terminologies like ehr,pacs, dicom to name a few
NoSQL databases that support big data. One such example is mongodb
Hadoop framework

Commands in mongodb 2.6

As with any other database MongoDB is a NoSQL database in which informaiton is stored, retrieved, manipulated. This is accomplished using CRUD commands – Create, Read, Update and delete. In addition to this MongoDB offers advanced features in form of MongoDB commands
So, what is a mongoDB command?
to implement functionality that falls outside scope of CRUD mongodb makes use if commands. They assist with many different operations of mongoDB collections
Some popular MongoDB commands include :
1) getlasterror()
2) db.runcommand({“drop”:”collectionname”); – This is a good example of drop command
MongoDB supports many such commands
How do I ge tlist of commands from MongoDB?
To get to know list of commands supported by particular version of MongoDB run :