HL7 an option for lucrative healthcare it career

If you are in medical field and if you find interest in entering the lucrative healthcare IT business it becomes mandate to start with some healthcare IT certification. Today lets talk about HL7 certification as a career option.

So, how to start career with HL7 certification?
With upcoming trends in healthcare IT FHIR is the latest standard that is hot and has good market in 2018. If you want to progress in your healthcare IT career think about all the three HL7 certification programs
HL7 Control Specialist FHIR CDA Certification bundle Practice Test ON SALE. This is a bundled solution on all of the HL7 exams and includes the following products. Avail this opportunity to get mega discount on these productsHL7 Certification Exam Questions – Control Specialist Exam Practice QuestionsHL7 FHIR PRACTICE TESTHL7 CDA CERTIFICATION PRACTICE EXAMSIf you are preparing for control specialist certification exam it offers you unique opportunity to learn about segments that digitize the health information of patients. This data needs to be sent across information systems and to make the disparate application systems talk to each other, HL7 standard becomes common language.
Upon completion of HL7 control specialist certification exam you can find career as
1) Healthcare system engineer
2) Healthcare system configuration specialist
3) Lab system implementation specialist
4) Lab system configuration specialist
5) HL7 control engineer
6) Interface manager
7) Business analyst/Subject matter expert
8) Hl7 developer
9) HL7 tester
So, if you are totally new to HL7 where should you start?
Look for companies that offer emr/ehr. To find an entry HL7 tester is the way to go. Start with free internship on weekends.

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HL7 FHIR Practice Test

1) What is basic building block in FHIR?
a) Tags
b) Elements
c) Resource
d) Tables
Answer: c
2) Which is the common reusable pattern of elements in FHIR resource?
a) Elements
b) Tags
c) Format Types
d) Data Types
Answer: d
3) Which among the following characteristics are shared by all resources?
a) Common set of data
b) Common set of metadata
c) A human readable part
d) Common way to define and represent resources by building them from data types that define common reusable pattern of elements
Answer: b,c
4) How is an Format exchangeable content defined in FHIR?
a) Format
b) Tag
c) Resource
d) File
Answer: c
5) Which among the following are modules in FHIR?
a) Financial
b) Workflow
c) Diagnostics
d) Imaging
e) Billing
f) Transcoding
Answer: a,b,c
6) You have an HL7 RIM implementation in place. You are currently implementing FHIR. Is there a way to align previously defined patterns and best practices onto existing FHIR Project?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
Explanation: FHIR content model makes it possible
7) Who are all the primary audience that are targets to make use of FHIR standard?
a) Software developers
b) Software Architects
c) EHR users
d) Healthcare IT end users
Answer: a,b
8) Which set of audience are the prime users of FHIR standard? Towards whom is FHIR standard targeted at?
a) Healthcare application implementation community developers
b) Healthcare application implementation community support
c) Healthcare application implementation community DBAs
d) Healthcare application implementation community infrastructure admins
Answer: a
9) What is the basic use of FHIR standard?
a) Mechanism to exchange data between healthcare applications electronically
b) Blocking exchange of data between disparate healthcare applications
c) Defining structure of information to be presented to front end healthcare users
d) Standard used to capture and store data from end users
Answer: a
10) Which among the following describes the interfaces that an implementation exposes for exchange of data?
a) SOW statement
b) Project plans
c) Capability statement
d) Product roadmap
Answer: c
11) What does FHIR resources aim to define? Choose all that apply
a) information contents
b) structure for core information set used by implementations
c) core implementation set metadata
d) core implementation set data
Answer: a,b
12) What is the basic philosophy upon which FHIR resources are built?
a) base set of resources by themselves or when combined should satisfy common use cases
b) resources must be extensible
c) resources should be modified easily
d) resources should be saleable
Answer: a



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