Physician assistant practice settings

Physician assistants practice in a variety of environments. As an aspirant to become physician assistant , someone who has completed essential educaitonal qualification to become physician assistant and preparing for license, licensed physician assistant looking for prospective career, you can find this information handy. This details what are the typical environments you can expect to work with popularly called Physician assistant practice settings
1) Office‐based Practice – This can be practice by independent physicians as well as group practice wherein group of physicians share single premise as well as resources. Most of the jobs in USA demand physician assistants to work in such env
2) Hospital – Physician assistants work in an hospital setup. They typically work in shifts as set by hospital norms
3) Federal government facility – Typically hospital or unit belonging to federal government
4) Community health center
5) Rural health clinic
6) Public or community health clinic that are non-federal in nature
7) Occupational health setting
8) School‐based or college‐based health center or school clinic
9) Extended care facility/nursing home
10) Behavioral/mental health facility
11) Ambulatory surgical center
12) Free clinic
13) Rehabilitaon facility
14) Home health care agency
15) Hospice
16) Other facilities
What does a physician assistant do in these practice setup?
In general physician assistant performs the tasks of physicians or surgeon under their supervision. As such following are some of the typical job roles and responsibilities of a physician assistant
1) Patient medical history – Their task starts with collecting medical history of patients, reviewing the information collected
2) They conduct physical exams like annual physicla exam, kids well-child physical exam if they are approved by physicians to do so. This offloads the job of physicians
3) Disagnostic tests – They have capacity to order simple diagnostic tests like x-ray, bloodwork , interpret the results
4) Treating patients by performing tasks like immunizing patients
5) Educate patients – Provide details on healthcare risks, health coaching, counselling, explaining medical condition of patients, risks associated with their health etc
6) Though not doctors they can prescribe medicines
7) Assist surgeons in surgery
8) Get involved in therapeutic procedurs like removal of sutures etc after surgery

What does emergency medical technician do?

As an emergency medical technician, EMT as the profile is popularly called the candidate will have the following job responsibilities:
1) Work in emergency department team
2) Assist emergency department team in providing patient care
3) Prepare patients in emergency care for assessment
4) Transports patients to laboratory, ultrasound, scan, testing and other units
5) Document the care provided to patients
6) Communicate the results to patient and their family
7) In some cases they are expected to have phlebotomy to draw blood sample as needed
8) EKG Training is preferred to record activities of patient’s heart
9) Must be experienced giving first aid to patients
What are the career prospects of EMT Technician?
EMT technician can choose to stick to current career
IF you aspire to take up role of physician assistant , top physician assistant programs in USA demand prior experience in direct patient and healthcare. In such scenarios this experience comes handy
How to I obtain a job as EMT Technician?
Many branded colleges do offer training and certification. For more details get information from colleges given below