Blogging mandate for digital marketing success

Colourful Technical Blogging Memorable Experience:
Recently I found that many bloggers who launched their blog/website were able to keep up with their passion and find no reason to have lost the effervesence that they had on the first month or first three months of blogging. These are some interesting tips that help us make our blogging a colourful experience
Create Posts In Text Editors :
We always start creating blog posts directly in websites, blogspots etc. To make our blogging a distraction free experience it is recommended to blog your idea in a text editor and paste it in blogspot, websites at a later point of time. We can create posts at any time . It is possible to avoid distractions caused by connecting to internet
Colourful Text Editors :
Notepad is the preferred text editor. Many different editors are available in market absolutely free of cost. Some interesting text editors are Ultraedit, Textpad etc. They have inbuilt features to have the text formatted and the highlighters appear colourful. This makes blogging an interesting experience
Blogging Easy Lengthy Process Money Online :
Many of us are attracted by the option of blogging online. Blogging via blogger platform is absolutely free. This option has made many from below 10 to 60+ years to choose blogging as part-time job. Even if we make $100 in 1 year time it is 100% return on $0 investment. All you invest is the time that you’d have spent on hobby and entertainment.So, I come across people who think blogging is a hard work. They quit at a point where they feel they can’t work hard anymore. Actually blogging is the best easy way to make money online. It is lengthy (i.e) say you post 10 posts today, you expect your visitor to be 100 tomorrow. Even if you choose the newest niche with least content in internet there is no guarantee that you’ll reap rewards soon. Its upto search engine to crawl your pages and show it in search results. It might be today,tomorrow,week after. It will happen for sure. So, blog with this attitude. Never Quit. You’ll see your tip jar filling soon.
Where should I leave Comments?
Commenting is a great way to build traffic to our website. It is the first tip to pull more visitors to our website. So, where should I leave my comments. Can I comment whereever I want to? As a normal visitor you can search for the content, if you find it interesting you might leave your opinion in the form of comment.
As a serious blogger with an intention to make blogging an online business, make money online it is always not good practice to search for websites through search engine and leave comments. Instead choose websites which have great traffic, good ranking, leave comment in those websites.
So, can I look out for alexa ranking of each and every website I find in search engine. It is a time wasting cubersome process. You can look out for an alternative strategy. Here I share a simple trick devised by me to overcome this problem :
1) Navigate to blog ranking website which is reliable and rocking in your country
2) They will have list of blogs with ranking in different categories
3) Choose top blogs in niche of your choice
4) Top blogs are given ranking based on – quality of content, alexa ranking, website traffic . This is a quality standard
5) Leave comment in websites
Make it a point to comment in 10 websites a day. This makes you reach out 300 websites a month, 4000 websites in a year. Considering comment approvals etc you might end up having atleast 2000 quality backlinks to your website in a years time. This definitely helps you in link building, pulling more traffic. Try this out and grow your blogging business.
Template Designer In Blogger Draft:
Blogspot is the custom made suite of tools to create and publish website in seconds. It can be started by accessing Blogger Draft is the recent version of dashboard from Template Designer is the functionality in Blogger Draft
1) Log onto with gmail account and password
2) This will help us land in the  Dashboard page. Click on Layout tab in Dashboard page.
3) In Layout Page, Click on Template Designer
4) Blogger Draft provides a set of professional templates to choose from. We can toggle across templates before we make a final decision and apply it
5) Once a decision is made is made click on Apply To Blog. This option is present in top right corner.Template designer has made blog customizations so simple that with little or no knowledge of CSS (Cascading style sheet) an HTML we can make customizations to our blogspot
& Symbol Not Permitted Blogspot:
I tried creating a javascript popup in my blogger today. I included details on my new website and included description as “learn easy learn fast”. There was no sysntax error. I got the following error :
“Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.¬†
XML error message: The entity name must immediately follow the ‘&’ in the entity reference.”
I replace & symbol with the word AND and it fixed the issue. Also we can’t use “&” in labels section of post. If we use it we get the following error :
“These characters are not allowed in a post label: &.” This is preceded by an yellow alert symbol.

Webhosting choice crucial decision for digitalmediamarketing

Digital media marketing has emerged from as simple as a blogspot, onto wordpress blog to Enterprise content management systems hosting content needed for marketing the product, service of the business. As such enterprises host their websites, blogs in premium hosting services.
When we launched our online business way back in 2008 in a blogspot we were looking for a hosting provider. Thats wherein we landed onto hosting provider based on some online reviews. It was found to be working fine until upto a point wherein we had to migrate onto another web host availing the deal. After making lots of changes we were looking for some reliable web hosting service that we can recommend to our clients.
We recently migrated our website onto a stable webhosting service called Siteground. Sitegroud is gaining popularity and has become a popular brand name among companies looking to grow fast in next few years. They have many interesting plan options to choose from. Their plan runs as simple as Startup and has a medium option to Growbig that can eventually become Gogeek. It is interesting to note that they run a better deal when we try to purchase any of the above mentioned web hosting plan from siteground
Based on our personal experience we recommend siteground because
1) It hosts website fast
2) They have migrated our website from another 100% free of cost
3) Their technical expertise is awesome. Look to have your problem solved same day. Turn around time typically is between 1 minute to 3 minutes to get hold of a customer service representative
4) They come with cPanel option to maintain and manage websites
5) Plans like GrowBig, GoGeek do provide option to host multiple websites
6) Daily backups of mysql databases are taken and maintained
7) If website goes down you are properly notified. This ensures business continuity
With al these things in mind, siteground would be the ideal web hosting to start your digital media marketing without any delay

Career Comeback Blogging Tool

Career break on intentional and unintentional basis is something you need to patch up when you apply for your next job. There can be many different reasons behind career break including physical ailment, unexpected accidents, need to take care of elders in family demanding change of location that leads to job resignation as there is no remote working option, visa issues restricting dependents from finding their new job, most common being birth of a new baby, emotional turmoil that leads to resignation after new baby is born etc. In all these cases career comeback had always been a great challenge. In this post we will deal with tackling career comeback utilizing blogging as a tool
What will employer expect from career comeback candidate?
An employer be it startup or well established employer, all they expect is attitude to start with. If you have ever had career break, blogging could be your attitude determining tool that will compensate for the career gap. Lets demonstrate this statement with a real-world example.
Say, you had to quit your job after your baby is born, you choose to stay away from job for next three years and planning to enter workforce after three years. How should you use blogging as a career comeback tool?
1) Start a simple blog – The blog topic and content should be relevant to your past job experience, expertise
2) Consider yourself as expert in this niche – This demands you to read, keep yourself up-to-date
3) Blog the learning every single day – This shows your ATTITUDE and commitment even when you are out of job
4) Include your blogging project as current work in linkedin profile – This will demonstrate that you never wanted to stop thinking about career, stop working but for time being owing to unavoidable reasons you had to break from career
5) Freelancing project blogging – If you are from technology background volunteer to takeup freelancing projects. Blog your technical learning that will help you bag more projects

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Reliable web hosting from siteground for digital media marketers

I’ve been a passionate blogger so long. Starting from google free blogger platform my blogging career has spanned across variety of web hosting companies. I started with for simple $46 per year. Then I migrated to godaddy. As my web business grew I have been receiving lots and lots of Internal 500 error that made me think about ipage. Not knowing that ipage is again a eig group of companies I migrated to ipage for $2 per month deal. Again website was down most of the time
I was frustrated and had no funds to spend on cloud hosting. After lots of analysis and reviews I zeroed down As a growing startup I opted the shared hosting plan GoGeek that holds good for about 100000 monthly visits. Having tested for few months, I moved all my hosting files onto siteground.
Based on my personal experience all I can say is , if I had to recommend a hosting provider that does fit your wallet, that can be 100% relied upon, that you can trust 100% it is none other than siteground hosting. Their shared hosting plan works like charm
Payment Options at siteground:
They accept credit cards
1) Visa
2) Master
They do not accept Amex, Discover card, Bank ACH
You can try using these cards with paypal and they mentioned there is no additional fee from their end. I checked with them just now

Which plan should I buy?
There are three shared hosting plans to choose from. I’ll offer my advice in plain simple terms
Startup Plan – One website with reasonable web space. All essential features are included. If you own a hobby website that you don’t think will grow bigger anytime sooner in next 36 months go for this plan
Growbig – This supports multiple websites. Also, all essential and premium features are 100% supported. In my opinion this is the best for startup as well as mid-sized companies. If you project more than 25000 visits per month in next 3 years go for it. If you project 25000 visits per month in next one to two years go for GoGeek plan
Gogeek – This is premium plan with essential, premium, geek features and multiple website coverage. Option is to take care of 100000 visitors per month. BEST THING is this is offered as low as $8.95 per month for next 36 months as part of this sale deed. So, this is the best time to go for this best plan. I personally recommend this to my visitors

Web Hosting

What tenure should I choose while purchasing the plans?
Have a checklist to determine before choosing plan tenure. Always when it comes to website hosting sale go for maximum days with minimum price deal
However, make a note of the following to determine tenure if you don’t want to choose this one
What is traffic projection next 36 months – 10000 per month, 10000-25000 per month, 25000-100000 per month. Make a note of maximum figure you anticipate. Choose plans accordingly
Startup – 10000 maximum per month in next 3 years
Growbig – More than 10000 but less than 25000 maximum per month in next 3 years
Gogeek – More than 25000 but less than 100000 maximum per month in next 3 years
Any digital media marketing starts with online branding. Online branding starts with a simple website that can be built on top of wordpress with free theme, blog supporting existing website etc. In any of these cases web hosting provider play a major role in supporting your business. When you finalize a hosting provider look for
1) Uptime related reviews
2) Customer support – In my personal experience this is the best technical support I have ever had. For such support I would have easily spent $50 per hour which was offered 100% free for siteground customer. In my personal opinion that makes them class apart
3) Customer Service SLA – Trust me. This is the best hosting company that does keep up their SLA of responding within 24 hours to your open tickets. It can be additional info request, solution. In most of my cases I had solution provided by them
4) Proper communication – This is something I find interesting with them. Pre-notice before software like wordpress updates (as I make use of wordpress I get wordpress alerts), joomla updates etc makes you be prepared
5) Site reliability and speed – Google SEO does consider site speed to list your website in front page. Your hosting provider can help you in these terms. After moving to siteground my alexa rank has shown great improvement, I have been getting lots of searches from google organic search. I had serious issue with SEO owing to site speed with past hosting providers. They recommended to use CDN, whereas with siteground they have inbuilt cache to help you get needed speed
How does choosing proper web hosting impact digital media marketing?
Digital media marketing is simple creating content online, marketing it in social media, youtube etc. In all these cases heart and sole is the solid content needed for business success.
Content is hosted in hosting provider database. Your content is worth your business. So, reliable provider is a must in my opinion
How does siteground feature offering support my business digitally?
Here we are talking about shared hosting plans only. If you are an established business you can think of cloud hosting option. Lets see the features and their support in building your business
1) Free website during domain registration – Any web business starts with domain. When you choose to avail any of these shared web hosting options, you get free domain. Here are some practical questions I had and I can help you on these
Is domain transfer free?
Nope. You pay $14.95 for domain transfer. This is what I paid. This can be different. I negotiated with them to offer free domain transfer instead of free domain. They said it is not at all possible. So, make a note of it. If you want easy maintenance move the domain here. Otherwise choose cheap domain hosting options. I’ll talk more on that in separate post
2) Number of websites supported – The first plan from siteground Startup plan is truly for startup with one website. If you want to register second website think about Growbig, Gogeek plans. Say, you launched now with solid business plan and expect to grow soon, go for Growbig plan. Growbig gogeek both support multiple websites
3) Hosting space – This is an essentially important factor to consider
Startup – 10GB
Growbig – 20GB
Gogeek – 30GB
Again Growbig is a balancing option
4) Visitor volume support – This is the only hosting provider that is 100% transparent about how many web visitors they can support optimally in different plans
Startup – 10000 visitors per month
Growbig – 25000 visitors per month
Gogeek – 100000 visitors per month
Note, this is for all websites in your account. Calculate before choosing one
5) Essential features from siteground – There are ton lots of essential features that does come along each web hosting plan. One feature is extremely interesting – FREE SITE TRANSFER
Let me share my own story. I bought hosting from siteground. I had a website that is rich in theme, images etc. Ideally I should have spent my time and energy of atleast a weeks time to transfer it properly. With this free one-time feature siteground offered to transfer all the website content onto new hosting account with literally ZERO DOWNTIME. I was amazed.
They offer this service on paid basis $30 per site transfer. I paid for my second website transfer without any hesitation
Note: They don’t support sub-domain transfer. So, analyse and notify them properly
There are many other interesting features like free site builder, cpanel, SSD storage, free app installs for wordpress joomla, free cloudflare CDN, free daily backup, free email accounts,SSH, 24×7 support etc
All these features come along with all three shared hosting options – Startup, Growbig, Gogeek
6) Premium features – This is available with Growbig, Growgeek
Supercacher for greater speed that supports SEO – I have exprienced benefit of this personally and highly recommend it
Priority technical support – They are real fast
1 year free wildcard SSL – If you choose to implement SSL this comes handy
30 backup copies available for restore and recovery
7) Geeky features only with Gogeek – This is a premiun plan and lets see what more do we get out of it?
Free PCI compliance
Wordpress & joomla sandbox staging
one-click git repo creation
Fewer accounts on server make this efficient