Create content with full interest for best success

Content creation and media marketing are the core pillars upon which online branding and success of any business depends on. It would be better to focus on productivity while creating content for digital media marketing
1) Use desktop sticky notes – The bright beautiful sticky notes from windows is a boon for any goal setter. Write simple goal in sticky notes before going to bed. It would be interesting if you write one goal in one stick note. This will be writing down one thing in one piece of paper
2) Pick one topic while creating post- Pick a random sticky note and start creating post on this. If you dont know what to blog the first line of your blogpost can be same as title of the post. This is to overcome boredom during blogging.
3) Fast blogging with mistakes agreeable – Don’t interrupt your thoughts. Write down whatever does pop-up. Don’t focus on spelling mistake. This is like running in treadmill. Once done, drink a glass of water and check for spelling mistakes. Correct this, highlight needed areas, post it
4) Automate all your social media publishing – I use free Jetpack wordpress plugin for this purpose. I’ll discuss in detail about this plugin. This automatically publishes to all social media and takes this cumbersome task off your shoulder
5) Google likes perseverance – As part of SEO google always expects fresh, evergreen content. Hence, creating new content as well as keeping existing content up-to-date are critically important. From google analytics pick top posts, maintain an excel on top posts, note down the ones that cna be enhanced – say if you write on plugins, there can be enhancements, new releases etc. this means that you improve your posts that has top spot. This will make google believe that you are perfect at maintaining your content and will be given preferential treatment

Go branded online in 3 minutes

An entrepreneur aspires to build a brand. Brand recognition comes with proper online presence. Every business be it service, product manufacturing, retail needs online presence. The web spider binds us together and help us acquire business in less than 2 minutes. Business online builds good reputation.

At the beginning it might sound scary to figure out how you can take your business online. Many web design companies quote hefty amount that makes you hesitant to proceed further with launching your business online.

To help you all with launching your business online lets give easy instructions that will help you take your brand online

1) Register a domain – This can be as low as $1. This cna be done with popular hosting providers like Godaddy. A reputed brand in itself, that has been in existence for more than a decade, godaddy always stands class apart with their quality of service, uptime, availability. Our recommendation would be to register a domain with godaddy. As a new year bonanza enjoy this exclusive offer from Godaddy for members. This offer doesn’t last longer. Don’t miss it

2) Get a proper hosting account – Again godaddy helps you get 100% uptime. We have been using it for more than 6 years without any problem. Also, godaddy offers lots of interesting hosting plans that includes as low as $1 per month for single website , shared hosting, dedicated VPS hosting and many more
IF you are looking to pull more traffic there are popular web hosting providers like siteground that does a fantastic job
3) Choose a very very easy to use CMS – You can install wordpress that comes extermely handy. When you make use of godaddy you can install at the click of a mouse. Most of the hosting providers do offer cpanel option , wordpress installer that helps in blog install in less than 2 mins
4) Create an email subscriber list – This is the primary thing that you should really focus on starting day 1. For a beginner I recommend Google’s feedburner that comes 100% free. All you need is a valid gmail account. Once you have a gmail account log into, create a feed, create an email subscription list, add to website and start retaining visitors as customers