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Avoid distractions while blogging

This is a topic that I should have ideally spoken about around 2009 timeframe. It is the time during which blogging was gaining momentum making people achieve their lifetime earning dreams in as little as 5 years. With the constant evolution of blogging, google releasing its panda penquin thunderbird and many such updates ever since 2011, blogging has transformed and evolved as content creation and content marketing a pillar of online media marketing virtually used by any business who prefer to sell their products, services online as well as promote their existing brand. As opposed to traditional PR websites, now-a-days startups small and mid sized businesses as well as enterprises adopt blogging to grow stable
Now, is there a way to avoid distraction during blogging?
I wanted to know if there is a way that is more non-traditional like not regular focus back tips. Interestingly I stumbled on a tool called Cold turkey. It is interesting to know that this tool is supported in windows and will let you block websites, has timer included in free tier. If you are willing to pay lifetime price of $25CAD you get additional options like scheduler to your table. I’m planning to go for upgraded version as we will be more serious about items if we spend money on that. I’ll talk more on this

Blogging branding relationship

In this digital media era blogging , content creation, marketing has become inevitable for all businesses who take their business online. Today lets take a quick look at why branded businesses rely on blogs and also how a blog will help establish a brand.
First of all lets see what a brand actually means. According to wikipedia, A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others. To put it simple a property of a product that makes it class apart represents the brand
Now lets see how blogging goes hand in hand with branding?
Blogging is creation of articles that convey information on your business, process, service, products to name a few. This can include simple topics that show details on what your product is upto features of your product. In recent past as part of digital media marketing efforts we see that first version of release notes describing features of a brand new product has been published in online space in the form of articles.
Will creation of posts help me establish my brand?
In recent past I’ve come across a website inbound.org which exclusively is focused on digital media marketing space. There we find lots on jobs on content creation, SEO, social media marketers, content curators, copy writers who has good grep on digital media marketing. We see the range of companies looking for professionals who are experienced, looking to enter digital media marketing space. This includes range of organizations from startups to major brands that offer handsome salaries. These full-time roles offer full-time benefits as well. As such digital media marketing has been factored in as a component to promote, propel businesses and make it a brand
Creation of posts that talk more on product will assist in establish brand considering the following:
1) Transparency of business – Posts are easy , quick way to communicate details on what product is all about. Say when you consider posts at www.trainerslisting.com we talk more on all domains, training options available, real benefit of completing such training. This will help our readers assess their current proficiency level, determine if they really need the skill for growing professionally, personally. Our business is to provide insight on different skills, benefits of availing training to acquire the skill and this makes our readers come back to us and we are branded name in education and career space. Similarly, say if a company has just come up with a product say instant chat software catering towards startups, mid-size organizations it becomes essential to clearly create a post on what their business is and who the customers can be. This indirectly conveys the vision of the business and helps them derive a brand out of it
2) Inexpensive PR business promotion – In the recent past until upto last decade public relations possible via magazine, journals. A team of dedicated experts are typically involved in the PR activity. However, PR has been made easy, inexpensive via blogging platform. Now-a-days all it needs is a simple wordpress install, creation of relevant blogposts to project your product, showcase it, take it to social media including facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest to name a few. While creating PR in form of blog posts, unique features of product is marketed to make this a brand