Oracle timbo internationalization

Timbo is an open source project undertaken by Oracle Corporation.It supports internationalization.
Timbo is a message catalog library. It is a simple hashed database of message indexes.The message sources are XML specified by timbo.dtd.
Timbo Tools :
mktimbo – creates a library from XML source.
mktimbolate – creates and merges language-specific sources from the main source file.
timboget – queries message libraries from the command line.
po2timbodoes – a simple translation of the English source to the initial englishTimbo file.
The tools have dependancies on Glib 2 and libxml 2. po2timbo depends onPerl. If we only wish to build the library, specify –disable-toolsas an argument to configure.

oracle hyperion essbase an overview

Oracle hyperion enterprise is an advanced management reporting and consolidation system.It handles a wide range of financial management tasks.It has a user-friendly graphical interface.We can use oracle hyperion enterprise to collect, consolidate, analyze and create reports on business information.
Features Of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise:
Oracle hyperion enterprise is a GUI reporting tool. It comprises of the following features :
1) Data entry, loading and retirval
2) Currency translations
3) Intercompany elimination
4) Graphical Organization charts
5) Dynamic organization structures
6) Multiple consolidation paths
7) powerful and flexible report writing
8) Hyperion retrieve to link the hyperion enterprise data to microsoft excel
9) Online User Documentation
Oracle Hyperion Enterprise System Capability :
Oracle hyperion enterprise is s financial management and reporting system from Oracle corporation.Oracle hyperion enterprise system has the following capabilities.
1) Load data or enter data into the base entities
2) Consolidate data along the lines of our organization (segregation depending on the business lines(like finance, marketing, sales an many different domains))
3) Include data and text from anywhere in the organization in our reports

IBM Filenet P8 ECM Administrator Jobs

IBM Filenet P8 administrator will be vested with administering the enterprise content management and will have to perform the following job duties in an enterprise
1) Install/Upgrade FileNet P8 Components
2) Apply Patches onto Filenet P8 components
3) Perform Bug fixes
4) Perform Import/Export of Objects using Filenet provided scripts
5) IBM Filenet is heavily XML dependent and should be knowledgable to perform XML Read/Edit
6) Configure, Maintain and Support Content Engine including the following tasks – Object Stores, Doc classes, Documents, Properties, Choice List, Indexes, Folders, Content Search Engine
7) Should be able to interpret and write CBR Queries (SQL flavoured language theat Filenet can understand)
8) Should know how to configure Storage Areas, Storage Policies, Fixed Content Devices
9) Must be able to set Events, Subscriptions, Actions, Code Modules
10) Should perform bulk Operations like Search and Update
11) Should be able to perform admin tasks including Object Default Security, Inherited Security, Owner and Authorization
12) Configure, Maintain and Support Application Engine including: Site Preferences, Access Roles, Component Manager, Workplace, Workplace XT, Search Templates, Entry Templates
13) Configure, Maintain and Support P8 System Dashboard and P8 Usage Reporter including: Cluster, Hosts, Servers, Alerts, Reports – Users and Usages
Certification Preference : As this is a product niche most employers prefer Filenet P8 certified candidates for admin as well as architect roles for configuring, maintaining and managing ECM at site

Securities Risk Analyst Jobs

Securities are always risky and job of a security risk analyst finds its prominence in investment banking, asset management, banking sector. Candidates who have completed bachelors (or) masters degree in economic, finance, mathematics, statistics, business finance,business or any other related discipline are usually considered a good candidate to take up such jobs
Lets take a quick look at the job duties of a securities risk analyst
1) A financial organization runs on assets including securities, direct obligations, indirect obligations etc. Managing an asset is a risk. A securities risk analyst must have good acumen to evaluate the risks associated with an asset
2) They need to be able to determine credit, market risk associated with an investment portfolio. To put it simple take example of a mutual fund which is a portfolio of equities. As a securities risk analyst you should be able to find credit risk, market risk on this
3) With operational risk acumen should be able to determine the risk management and loss estimation practices in a firm
4) Must be involved in quarterly strategy changes made by banks. Need to give an overview of risk involved
5) Make sure the latest regulatory compliance are in place. A simple example would be recent Basel regulations
6) Must have exceptional communication and co-ordination skills both verbally and orally
What is needed to crack this job?
In general good knowledge of risk including credit risk, market risk, risk models to name a few. This comes in form of PRM, FRM and such certifications, college degree, experience with internship in financial firms etc

Application Support Analyst Jobs

Application support analyst is gaining popularity starting from supporting simple desktop application to most complex trading applications. Whatever be the application the technical stack, attitud, interpersonal skills come as a common requirement of application support analyst career. Lets take a quick look at the career overview of application support analyst
1) Work with different departments including development, testing, project management- When they identify the client request as a bug in system they needto co-ordinate same with development and testing. At same time they needto report these issues which sometimes become change request in project management
2) Should have SQL knowledge. Depending on database in use they should be able to google and find queries to cater needs. Any support starts with data collection. Hence database knowledge comes handy
3) They should be able to create reports on scheduled basis and communicate same to appropriate personnel
4) Should be well versed with using collaboration suite including gotomeeting, webex
5) Should have good application knowledge
6) Must properly read release notes and should equip themselves with latest features
What does it need to become application support analyst?
Bais IT skills on network, database, os commands, attitude to face customer and communicate appropriately makes one a good application support analyst

Geologist Jobs

As a geologist you work on geography the closest job with nature. This career to some extent does involve research and hence can also be termed as environmental scientist as your research scope is always towards environment.
What does a geologist career hold in day to day life?
1) Geologist should visit the geographical location allocated to them. This involves frequent site visit
2) Geophysical activities that alter the environment should be logged on regular basis. This involves using sensors, special instruments to collect data points from above or below earths surface. Sometimes information needs to be collected from air, water, earth’s orbit
3) They need to be aware of aquifer in the site they are working on. Though hydro geologists do take care of it sometimes geologists are expected to perform aquifer testing
4) Monitoring and managing field activities including documenting the tasks, health and safety of field are some essential responsibilities of geologists
5) They prepare technical reports on regular basis
6) They may have to schedule the tasks in field like drilling
7) Project management is an essential skill expected out of them. They should have complete plan including full scope of work
8) System remediation needs to be taken care of in all project phases until post-remediation
9) As they work on environemnt they need to comply with DoD rules

Jobs after risk management certification

As a risk management aspirant many candidates would like to know the career prospects in financial risk management field after completing popular certifications like FRM//PRM/ERP to name a few. There are many roles and responsibilities with varying titles depending on the firm. We will be discussing some common titles and their specific responsibilities while performing their job duties
As such most common title that we can think of is a risk officer upon successful completion of these credentials. It can also be an MBA with focus on risk management from universities. Here are the common job roles of a person in risk management field:
1) Co-ordinate with the board, senior management and help them in setting risk strategy for the firm. This involves spectrum of risk management including market risk, credit risk, operational risk as a whole Enterprise Risk Management ERM
2) Need to be a mentor in hiring developing, training and positioning risk management team. This involves lots of communication and co-ordination
3) Act as risk management mentor by conducting seminars/webinars frequently to update latest trends and developments in risk management
4) Involve in modeling risk using risk management tools like VaR
5) Analyse the financial implication and advise the senior management on financial implications of risk related decisions

Clinical IT Analyst jobs

Clinical IT Analyst also called Clinical analyst works in hospital/clinic setup and are involved in implementation, maintenance and support of clinical IT applications. Career overview is given below
1) Implement applications in clinical environment
2) Support clinical applications
3) Assist healthcare professionals while using clinical applications
4) Act as application SME helping clinicians
5) Maintain facility dictionaries
6) Associated with system maintenance including track issues, keep record of issues, escalate to appropriate department
7) Perform quality audits and track the metrics
8) Work on application module, new release implementation, testing and support
9) Develop reports from clinical applications
10) Participate in meetings
11) Should have very strong communication and should maintain relationship with physicians, radiologists, clinicians, doctors, nurses
12) Maintains system in secure status and help comply with HIPAA by strongly keeping patient data confidential
13) Must standardize, utilize, integrate and optimize clinical applications
To take up career it needs good knowledge, communication skill prior experience with application support to take up jon as clinical support analyst

Student Recruiter Jobs

Are you passionate about HR and would prefer to find job as a recruiter but dint have an MBA, don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. The perfect place to start would be the career option as a student recruiter
So, what does a student recruiter do?
1) Work with placement officers in college
2) Co-ordinate campus interview recruiting
3) Gather requirements from hiring manager
4) Choose and identify candidates from professional networks like linkedin, facebook etc
5) Filter the candidates
6) Recruit right talent
7) Attend regular meetings
8) Have wonderful communication skills
9) Must be dynamic