Quantitative Analyst Jobs

Quantitative analyst find their prominence in investment banking firm. They work closely from asset managers and their responsibilities include
1) Developing quantitative models for asset manager evaluation, selection
2) Provide quantitative support for research analyst. This helps the market research analysts research important topics that drive investment success
3) They need to have good acumen of all asset classes quantitative analysis, strategies, third-party strategies etc
4) This involves manager evaluation adn selection, investment research topics tht help managers understand performance, skills, behaviour and support for multi-strategy

5) Help with multi-manager product development
What does this take to crack this job?
Graduate degree in finance, quantitative analysis, CFA the chartered financial analyst certification and such certifications will be of great help

Wealth management firms sales executive

Wealth managers are financial institutions that help individuals, families, firms etc to plan their portfolio, retirement etc.
So what does a sales executive perform in such organizations?
Their role starts with reporting to sales managers. Though called sales they need to be good at marketing as well

1) Should have fantastic communication skill
2) Should have presence of mind
3) Need to be adept at sales presentation preparation
4) Must be able to maintain existing accounts and should be able to bring new business
5) Should co-ordinate CRM events including seminars, presentations , events etc
What is qualification needed to crack such jobs?
As such a candidate with degree having good communication skills and passion to achieve big can take up this job

Investment Banking Recruiter Jobs

It is good to find job as an HR and particularly in investment banking and asset management domain it takes more than a communication skill
1) HR role demands leadership, communication, presentation, collaboration skills

2) Need to understand the business cases for which recruitment is planned
3) Should have good acumen
4) Must be able to work with all levels of management to accomplish resource acquisition goals
5) Must exhibit professionalism, confidence, diplomacy
6) Must be organized and be excellent project manager
7) Must have fantastic judgement and decision making skills
8) Need basic knowledge of asset classes in investment banking

Oracle RAC tester jobs

Oracle Real Application Cluster, RAC as it is popularly called is the high availability solution from Oracle corporation. Corporates have projects that support migration of existing application from stand alone systems to RAC and this needs to be thoroughly tested before go live. This is a specialised testing skill and is in demand.
To basically handle the testing of RAC environment Oracle database knowledge forms crucial

RAC as such is set of ORacle instances hitting asingle point of storage on which database is hosted. Hence knowledge of storage, linux, networking along with Oracle database knowledge definitely helps
Learn some RAC specific tools like crsctl related to cluster management, gv$ views that store RAC related information at database level
srvctl is another popular utility used in RAC environment