Moodle Jobs

So, an interesting article on career in moodle? I know noodle and what is moodle? this is a common question. Moodle one of the hottest most happening e-learning software that falls under popular open source category is the LMS popularly called the learning management system.

What is a learning management system?
LMS as it is popularly called is a software that helps in complete management of a learning process. This startes from initial application, registration, course availability, support for recorded sessions, test, quiz,assignment submission, circulars/notices/memos that can be circulated among educational community, grading and final result publishing.
Hence start from LKG and finally graduate in a virtual enviironment with the help of LMS.
Among the most popular LMS in market that are licensed the most popular open source LMS is moodle.
If you are an educational aspirant definitely moodle is a good choice
What is the technology stack behind moodle?
It is a simple PHP/Mysql software that is light weight and runs on top of windows as well as linux (LAMP/WAMP) stack.
An interesting part is that it is easily customizable
What are my career options?
You can choose to do the following with moodle
1) Moodle developer
2) Moodle trainer
3) moodle administrator
4) Moodle implementation specialist

Internet for career promotion

This can sound little bit tricky. It can be considered leveraging power on internet to propel your career at first glance. However, today we will be talking more on how your internet media interaction does play some interesting role in helping you propel yourself
1) Membership in Popular forums adds reputaiton- This is absolutely true. If you would like to constinuously demonstrate your hardwork, commitment, skill set to group of people providing good quality, relavnat answers in popular technology forums, as well as forums of your niche will help you showcase your up-to-date skills in arena. This is a team building attitude wherein you help your team a must for corporate

2) Create professional network profiles – Profile in reputed professional networking sites like, along with details on your work, recommendations is a projection of your career. One best thing that professional networks have brought in that job sites dont is credible work experience with recommendations form peers, direct managers to name a few. Again power of internet does propel you
3) Your social profiles are monitored – This includes your interaction, group membership on social networking sites like twitter, facebook to name a few

Healthcare Business Analyst Jobs

Who is Business Analyst ?
A Business Analyst is the person who does Business Analysis.
The role of a business analyst starts with requirements gathering from the customers(internal and external), analysing the requirements in the context of helping organizations to achieve their strategic goal, coming out with a requirements plan document that eventually gets signed-off from customers(requirement sign-off), communicating the requirements to development team and assist them in implementing an optimal solution, periodic reporting to the project manager on the project progress, and ends with complete testing of the solution to ensure reliability.

The business analyst does the requirement analysis and comes out with an optimal plan in the context of an organization’s strategic goal that involves amendments to organization’s policies, processes, information systems.
Business analysis is finding prominent importance in healthcare domain starting with Healthcare IT. The information technology department in a healthcare software development firm employs business analyst who forms the primary liasion between end clients who are generally hospitals, clinics, doctors with product management.
They work with internal departments as well as interface with clients to develop and analyze functional and technical requirements to create and execute test and comprehensive test scripts.
What is the healthcare business analyst career likely ?
1) Requirement gathering – As with business analyst in many other domain this career starts with gathering the requirement and create requirement documents like BRD, functional requirement document needed for project initiatives undertaken and to be undertaken by firm
2) Stakeholder collaboration – They co-ordinate all project activities involving demos, test team meetings, feedback sessions, focus groups, and orientations
3) System analysis – Analyzes the relationship between business functions and the system by preparing analysis documents like requirements, entity relationship models, dataflow diagrams, process specifications and design
4) system testing – though Qa does quality assurance final validation does involve business analyst
5) Cost planning and creation of cost plan – Performing cost benefit analysis and assists in developing business cases for projects is essentially role of senior business analyst who gets promoted as project manager
6) Assist scope management planning and execution with PMO – This involves determining scope and participates in establishing priorities for system changes
7) Report creation and communication with project stakeholders
8) Arrange meetings, co-ordinate meeting schedule with project planner, mailing meeting minutes to project stakeholders

Web Developer Jobs

This is a website. when you log into google , google is a website. Who has developed it all? It is none other than a web developer.
So, who is a web developer?
As the two keyword says a person who develops website is a web developer.
so, does the role of a web developer end there? Simple answer is No.
in addition to developing website, a web developer maintain, manages all aspect of website including capacity tuning of site, security implementation in site, making sure the website can handle more traffic by making it scalable , adding content to site [this is very optional] etc

What is needed to find job as a web developer?
Passion towards front-end development, programming language like html to start with really helps. Basics of SQL is definitely needed as information is stored in DB at backend that is pulled and is displayed in front-end UI.
Artistic skills come handy
some collecges offer certificaiton program, associate degree on this skill set
What is future of this profession?
As per bls the job is expected to grow about 15% in next 10 years and starting salary is around $60000. This is a fantastic pay to start with