dcm4che DICOM Jobs

DICOM has been the standard in medical informatics that involves digitizing the patient scanned data and properly storing in an accessible format in an IT infrastructure. DICOm the Digital Communication and Imaging as it is popularly called is a standard that healthcare organizations adapt and implement while designing their product

As a DICOM professional you find jobs starting with technical writer, developer, business analyst, tester testing applications to name a few.Open Source Clinical Image and Object Management is a set of open source tools that help with DICOM application development. These set of libraries are developed in Java. Just as the case with jQuery for java web developers if you are in DICOM development field dcm4che does gain prominent importance

Doctor search online gives jobs

Zocdoc.com the premium website offering healthcare provider listing, insurance information and much more is a fastest growing online medical portal that is built on .NET stak. This opens plenty of career opportunities for software developers, DBA’s ,testers, business intelligence professionals alike. Lets look at some interesting career options and their basic requirement thatwill help you crack the job
1) Software Engineer – Knowledge/prior experience in .NET stack comes handy
2) DBA- .NET is built on top of SQL Server. SQL Server DBA’s with T-SQL knowledge will be expected to support their website

3) Quality Assurance Professionals – Both manual and automation engineers help them release bug free product
4) Graphic designers – Front-end is the essence of any website. This demands very good UI design experience. If you are a beginner with passion for creativity this profile suits you
5) Data Science/BI Professionals – data scientist, data engineer, BI professionals help them mine the information and help them grow big
6) Office Administration – Executive assistants, Office coordinators, administrators will help them maintain and manage administration

Moodle Jobs

So, an interesting article on career in moodle? I know noodle and what is moodle? this is a common question. Moodle one of the hottest most happening e-learning software that falls under popular open source category is the LMS popularly called the learning management system.

What is a learning management system?
LMS as it is popularly called is a software that helps in complete management of a learning process. This startes from initial application, registration, course availability, support for recorded sessions, test, quiz,assignment submission, circulars/notices/memos that can be circulated among educational community, grading and final result publishing.
Hence start from LKG and finally graduate in a virtual enviironment with the help of LMS.
Among the most popular LMS in market that are licensed the most popular open source LMS is moodle.
If you are an educational aspirant definitely moodle is a good choice
What is the technology stack behind moodle?
It is a simple PHP/Mysql software that is light weight and runs on top of windows as well as linux (LAMP/WAMP) stack.
An interesting part is that it is easily customizable
What are my career options?
You can choose to do the following with moodle
1) Moodle developer
2) Moodle trainer
3) moodle administrator
4) Moodle implementation specialist

Internet for career promotion

This can sound little bit tricky. It can be considered leveraging power on internet to propel your career at first glance. However, today we will be talking more on how your internet media interaction does play some interesting role in helping you propel yourself
1) Membership in Popular forums adds reputaiton- This is absolutely true. If you would like to constinuously demonstrate your hardwork, commitment, skill set to group of people providing good quality, relavnat answers in popular technology forums, as well as forums of your niche will help you showcase your up-to-date skills in arena. This is a team building attitude wherein you help your team a must for corporate

2) Create professional network profiles – Profile in reputed professional networking sites like linkedin.com, along with details on your work, recommendations is a projection of your career. One best thing that professional networks have brought in that job sites dont is credible work experience with recommendations form peers, direct managers to name a few. Again power of internet does propel you
3) Your social profiles are monitored – This includes your interaction, group membership on social networking sites like twitter, facebook to name a few