Healthcare careers always promising

The demographics of healthcare has undergone major change over the past decade. Modalities that create digital images, PACS that store and retrieve the digital images, EHR/EMR/RIS systems that automate the hospital workflow starting from order creation until upto billing, billing and coding of procedures with latest ICD-10 coding system, implementation of big data systems to accommodate growing patient information to name a few has opened lots of avenues, opportunities for tech talents to find a promising career in healthcare.
If you are from IT background with basic infrastructure knowledge starting with fixing simple repairs in your desktop then you are in a position to find a job in healthcare service IT. Leta take a quick look at some positions that will be in great demand in coming days
1) Healthcare IT Technician – If you have some basic service IT certification like comptia Healthcare It technician, if not some Microsoft certified professional basic certification covering service IT aspects you can find your next job in healthcare domain. Many hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, private physician practice are looking to employ onsite healthcare IT technicians and you are in good hands. This job involves being on-site in the healthcare facility and help fix the hardware, software, networking issues. Most jobs work on 24×7 rotation basis. You can grow to lead a team of service personnel
2) ICD-10 – With the date nearing for latest coding system implementation, there has been a demand and lookout for personnel who are qualified to handle ICD-10 coding. If you are in ICD-9 , new to coding this is a skillet that comes handy. Medical coding and billing is promising indeed
3) Healthcare Big Data – With velocity anf volume of patient information growing at spectacular phase, need to mine this information is growing in parallel. As such big data implementations have alreayd found their role in healthcare. Many organizations have plans to roll out big data projects and personnel who are proficient in big data tools, technologies, analysts will be in great demand
4) SQL Skill – Healthcare software development , business analysis, quality assurance and major healthcare IT jobs demand sql skills. This can be on any popular flavor of database like oracle, sql server etc. Start learning basic queries to handle healthcare IT systems
5) Healthcare System Support – As opposed to service IT who are mainly involves in hardware, healthcare support role is mainly dedicated to implementation, maintenance, support of healthcare software. There is a small overlap among these roles depending on size of organizations

Become histologist and start creating slides

Histologist is a personnel involved in specimen analysis and slide creation that helps the pathologists create pathology report. Typical job duties of an histologist can be
1) Performing first level bare eye analysis of the specimen a process popularly called grossing the specimen
2) Prepares tissue specimen and mbeds them into paraffin
3) Involved in process of slide staining by sectioning the tissue specimen with microknife. After staining specimen they cover the specimen slides
4) In addition to basic staining an histologist does special staining, H&E staining etc
5) They fill the paraffin blocks , slides
6) Work based on established protocols and procedures
7) Need to perform instrument maintenance on routine basis
8) Work closely with pathologists

NABCEP solar certifications that brighten your life

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners NABCEP as it is popularly called offers the best industry standard certification that helps professionals in solar photovoltaic field showcase their talent to the world.
Following are the certification tracks offered by NABCEP
1) Solar PV Installers – Solar photovoltaic installers perform solar panel installation
2) Solar Heating Installers – Solar heating panel installers perform installation for heating pools
3) Small Wind Installers – Install small wind turbines
4) Solar PV Technical Sales – Sales professional who are certified consultants get leverage with this certification


EMR Support personnel make great fortune

Career in healthcare IT becomes easy if you already possess some basic IT knowledge including SQL databases, OS, network, scripting to name a few. Lets take a quick look at what an EHR application support personnel does in general
1) EHR applicaiton support analyst can come from healthcare, ehr, non-ehr, any background
2)Basic experience (or) compensating knowledge in IT will suffice
3) Should have the acumen to understand the flow of business in healthcare – In simple terms when a patient visits a doctor his details are input in EHR system in first place
4) Must be good at communication as this involves interacting with healthcare personnel, gathering requirements, implementing the requirements etc. Say you have been assigned to support EHR at a private practice – The job starts with asking details on how things need to be configured and customized at EHR. You need to talk to doctor, pblebotomist, front desk , nursing, emergency personnel to name a few. Based on requirements gathered application can be instaled, configured, supported
5) As part of support it becomes mandate to train healthcare personnel post-implementation
6) Some travel to client site may be needed once the EHR support expertise progresses from basic level I support to Subject Matter Expert
To find job as a EHR application support starting with level I upto level III, support manager, subject matter expert etc the candidates must possess
1) Good communicaiton skill
2) Attitude to learn new technologies fast
3) Must religiously follow service manual of applicaiton and get acquainted with latest features
4) Be continuous learner
5) Must be open to integrating EHR with other healthcare systems like PACS, HIS, lab reporting system etc
6) Should know basic SQL, os commands, networking command basics like ping, netstat
7) Must follow escalation process
8) Should be conversant with change management
9) Healthcare IT technical concepts like DICOM,HL7 come handy
10) Must be willing to work off-hours, on call rotation basis

Become IT Analyst supporting laboratory environment

Healthcare is composed of many different information systems and one among this is the laboratory information system. As an IT analyst a person is involved in all layers of applications starting with policies, procedures, application architecture, implementation to support application, databases supporting applications, networking systems to name a few
An IT analyst handling laboratory application is called laboratory IT Analyst
Job role of laboratory IT Analyst involves:
1) They act as primary liaison between application development, implementation and marketing team. As such their knowledge and scope of work is broad covering application architecture, knowledge of application implementation, healthcare policies and procedures that govern such applications, business cases covering these applications, typical business operations involving day to day use of these applications to name a few
2) As a coordinator of product and business they are expected to exhibit the highest level of communication, marketing, collaborative skills. This involves scheduling and conducting of day-to-day meetings with project stakeholders including application development team, application implementation team, business team etc
3) They work directly with vendors, subject matter experts who provide requirement specification, create functional and business requirement documents etc, end user who are customers to make sure the application implemented does cater their needs
4) They perform analysis of workflow, collect data in an environment, create reports with data collected and come up with the technical glitches that are associated with current application implementation
5) Knowledge and understanding of laboratory IT applications covering many different modules is a special qualification expected out of laboratory IT analyst
6) Co-ordinate change management process and implement the changes in application software
7) Communicate the requirement to project management office and let them determine the inclusion of the feature request, bug fixes in upcoming product releases. Properly communicate the status to end users as needed
8) Travel to customer site on an as needed basis

What does health information management personnel do?

What is health information management department?
Health information management popularly called as HIM is the healthcare information department in a healthcare organization that is primarily involved in co-ordination the communication between physicians, coding team to name a few.
Typical job duties of a HIM personnel involves the following
1) They act as primary liaison co-ordination the requirement, job duties among physicians, coding professionals, CDI (clinical document improvement) professionals
2) As a manager in healthcare department they are responsible for digital component of billing. This involves getting updates from medical coder.With current ICD-10 implementation in place, many healthcare organizations do migrate from ICD-9 to ICD-10 as well as implement ICD-10 systems. As an healthcare information management professional they are responsible for managing coders
3) They are responsible for managing the clinical documentation improvement adopting JATA the clinical documentation improvement program
4) Oversee healthcare coding, billing programs
5) Co-ordinate with internal and external organizations utilizing audits, reviews, quality assurance porgrams
What does health information management analyst do?
Healthcare IT is a booming sector and it has opened plenty of venues and opportunities. One such interesting job role is the healthcare information management analyst popularly called as HIM analyst.Hospitals/Healthcare organizations hire HIM analyst to help them with system analysis and workflow changes.
To take up role as a HIM analyst, candidates are expected to posses the following skills
1) Experience working in HIM modules – Hospital/healthcare organizational Workflow is needed
2) Chart deficiencies like missing signature (or) chart components (or) paper based systems etc
3) Typical experience with chart tracking will be helpful
4) Basic knowledge of healthcare billing including work queues will be of help
5) Knowledge of healthcare regulatory initiatives like ICD-10, SNOMED etc will be a huge plus
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Career comeback made easy with perfect planning

This is a major issue that many working women face these days. In this world of tough competition it is extremely difficult to find a new job. If for some reason you land in your dream job that pays really well, there comes a point to decide on your family and future.

It happens to be a fact that not many firms do offer work from home. Depending on the nature of the job and tenure of job most women get maternity leave some where between 6 weeks to 3 months depending on nature of delivery and health condition. This is called Short term disability popularly termed STD that is offered either through employer or working women start paying their own insurance premium to cover the pay loss incurred during pregnancy and post-pregnancy

These turmoil indirectly causes stress and depression , to some extent fear of pregnancy and financial future before pregnancy and many working women choose to postpone their pregnancy to attain financial stability.

We have spoken a lot on the stress and pressure the common psychological fear a women encounters before pregnancy. Lets give a simple solution that is very, very  easy, workable and can be adopted starting today even when they are in school, college and what not. Even if you are a kid just starting to make use of internet you can adopt this for your best future.

What is this all about? In this post lets focus on career women alone. How can they try to bridge gap the financial loss that they expect to incur in future?

1)Launch a website online ¬†– This is absolutely easy. Register your first domain with Godaddy today [ As I’ve been saying in my all other posts, I make use of godaddy for all our websites and all I can say is that Godaddy is incredible in terms of uptime and service]

2) Focus on one niche – This is extremely important. Let me tell you my personal story. Way back few years I started a website and started blogging on my niche of interest. I was pulled away by my first paycheque from Google Adsense. I created around 15 different websites all virtually all my time got splurged in all these. Eventually I closed some of them. Don’t do this mistake. If you really aim to make lot of money think, think, plan and even if you spend one month on planning that is absolutely fine. However, if you can handle pressure and would like to register more than one domain that is also fine with me.

How do I determine if I’m capable of handling more pressure?

I give you simple litmus test. In a day’s routine try to double your work and this means that say you spend 1 hour in watching TV. If you are able to bring it down to 30 mins, this additional 30 mins can be utilized towards your second website. This is not one day program. Try this for at-least 60 days before you register your second domain. I’ll talk more on 60 days litmus test in my forth coming post

3) Start writing post ever since registration – This is important. As soon as you register your domain name and buy your hosting from Godaddy , Click on Domain, navigate to Godaddy Dashboard. Scroll all way to applications tab, click on wordpress and click install. It is 2 minute work and very very simple. Now you are absolutely good to go. Log into your website using Create your first post in wordpress website

4) It would be better to blog your daily office work – If you are into technical or non-technical domain and if you want to make real good money, always go behind easy things. Once your blogging topic and office work matches , blogging would be a piece of cake

5) Maintain discipline – Blog one article per day for at-least first 90 days. Don’t think too much on SEO, size of post etc. All you need is to develop blogging discipline. Blogging is perseverance. It definitely needs constant, continuous hard-work. Nothing like hardwork. There are definitely some fantastic ways to overcome the boredom during blogging

6) Register for affiliate program from day 1 – Google Adsense would be absolutely simple to start with. In addition to blogging it would be interesting to make free money while enjoyment using Inboxdollars. I’ll talk about lots of credible affiliate programs that I personally use in forthcoming posts

7) Email subscription and newsletter – Create a free email subscription using your gmail account. Navigate to, login using gmail account and burn feed. Put the Email subscription code in your website as text in your sidebar widget and you are good to go

After doing this 30 minute preliminary work, you reap two benefits

1) You start seeing your second income in form of google adsense and such affiliate commission

2) During maternity leave without STD and in case if you happen to leave your job after baby is born your website is already 10 months old and it would have stabilized by now

3) There is a true career after pregnancy. As you will be blogging on the technology (or) profession you have been working on before, you will read new developments in this niche and will keep yourself updated. Also the discipline of one post a day will help you keep moving. In case if you choose to return to full-time (or) part-time job after 2 years this blog work can be definitely projected as a Professional accomplishment. This guarantees “No Career Break After Pregnancy”
I’ll talk more on free white hat SEO strategies that I follow and you can get benefit too. Register in our email subscription to get newsletter daily in your inbox

Make digital media marketing your lucrative career

World is going digital so does the business. Every business needs web presence website at bare minimum. Not to stop here brands try to establish, sustain, grow their business leveraging online platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest to name a few. Digital media marketing is a growing trend this decade

In this post let us talk about the importance of certification program in digital media marketing space. Is this really worth it? Lets start this with a simple fictional story:

1) Say person ABCD owns a free blog in blogpot

2) With constant continuous hardwork he is able to drive traffic to his blogspot and decided to migrate to wordpress in few days

3) He designs his website with best SEO practice like including post name in permalinks , installing Yoast SEO plugin, creating original, unique, good quality content to start with

4) He takes his website social by creating social media accounts in facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram

5) He automates post scheduling and publishing using wordpress free plugins, services like DLVR, linksalpha

6) He adds google analytics code to track his visitors

Now, is a digital media marketing really important? Person ABCD has done all essential steps needed to grow his passion into sellable business. Will digital certification add value?

Answer is certainly yes. When there is a business, technology, domain that is in budding stage relevant certifications crop up so fast. Digital media marketing is no exception. As a passionate blogger to add value to your profile and project yourself as professionally qualified in internet media marketing space, industry accredited digital media marketing certifications do come handy

They teach a structured way of doing things. Upon completion of course it would be really worth to revisit existing business if any apply the concepts learnt to see the results.

In addition to this , such certifications help us establish our brands as standard business. Lets take a real-time example

1) Log into account. search for jobs with keywords digital media marketing – The engine does pull up relevant jobs like digital media marketing expert, seo expert, digital media marketing intern etc

2) Say you already own a well optimized website with interesting traffic in place. Use this as your Unique selling point to apply for such job roles

3) Say if you have up-to-date industry accredited digital marketing certification like – Hootsuite certification, Hubspot Certification on Inbound marketing, Google Analytics Individual Qualified certification, Bing analytics certification etc. This will demonstrate your commitment towards digital media marketing domain. Now, people realize that you are dedicating your energy onto your business and not maintaining this as hobby

4) You stand apart from the crowd

One interesting factor about many of these programs is that most of them are free open to anyone who is passionate about acquiring knowledge in relevant domain, is time bound. Say hubspot inbound media marketing certification is free and valid for one year. Also, the digital certification can be associated with your current profile

Even in case of bigdata projects the datafeed happens to be web logs, hence website analytics knowledge comes handy. This is a detailed topic that can be taken up in separate post

What does energy sector project manager do?

Project managers are responsible for undertaking an endeavor that has a definite beginning and end called the project. In energy sectors the role of project managers more likely happens to be a functional project managers. A person who has very good experience and expertise in project management is also expected to have energy sector associated functional acumen to make it big. Here is a simple career overview of what a energy project manager career:
1) Energy related career knowledge. This can come from commercial sectors, institutional sectors, industrial sectors etc
2) Building systems associated knowledge like boilers,HVAC/R, Chillers etc come handy
3) Energy is associated with consumption. As a project manager it becomes inevitable for them to devise a strategy to improve energy efficiency, lower costs, conserve energy, devise measures to achieve the energy goals
4) Project management skills including – planning, budgeting, time management, cost management, quality management, vendor negotiation, contract finalization etc is mandate. Certifications like PMP come handy
5) A project manager demands supreme communication skill. This involves interaction with lots of stakeholders, developing and maintaining stakeholder relationship including customer relationship
6) Knowledge of microsoft office tools like word, power point, excel come handy
7) Must manage contractors and customers
8) Must work with customers to find cost-effective strategies to reduce energy usage and demand
9) Track the project status, progress using appropriate energy metrics
10) Create reports on project progress/status and communicate to appropriate stakeholders
11) Must have vision towards the program and propose measures to improve program as such. Generally project is a sub-component of a program
What does it take to become a project manger in energy sector?
Bachelors degree in energy sector, environmental science etc will help you find your job real fast

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