PMP certification training edison

It is interesting to note that pmp certification the project management professional certification has been constantly holding real high amidst lots of certifications from many different professional bodies. This clearly demonstrates the superiority of PMP certification and its mandate for current and upcoming project managers in all parts of USA particularly financial hub east coast mainly in edison NJ area. PMP certification training edison from offers an unique experience as all our course content have been created by pmp certified professionals
We have prepared our PMP Training course curriculum with efforts from candidates who have successfully cleared their PMP exam in their very first attempt with 100% success rate in first attempt. Having been prepared by PMP certified professionals who have lots of real-time experience this course curriculum will help you pass PMP exam and can assist you with your project management career
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PMP training from most trusted brand at BEST PRICE in the world offers you unique advantage of
1) 35 hours of PDU upon course completion
2) Learn at your Own PLACE, Own PACE
4) PMP training material prepared by PMP certified professionals unlike other training companies who hire trainers who have no real idea of what PMP is and how this can help you leverage your project management career
5) Fantastic Customer Support available 24×7 to answer all your questions
Why PMP Training at Edison NJ?
Edison NJ is the hub of new jersey that is closest to central new jersey as well as offering best transportation connectivity to Newyork city. With lots of companies that have continuous projects, upcoming projects in-line the rate of PMP certified project managers hired in this locality is very high compared to other locations. To get best benefit out of PMP training and progress further in project manager career without delay, purchase our PMP training kit that does offer 35 hours of PDU without delay
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PHP to clear facebook interview

Modern startups that create their websites, create web based service heavily rely on LAMP/WAMP/XAMP stack. In any of these cases PHP developers do find prominent role and this is a profession really in demand. A professional PHP developer with 5 years experience can expect to make 120k minimum in newyork area. Its high time to learn PHP
Why is PHP so popular?
PHP is an open source scripting language that doesnt come with licensing limitation. It supports mysql the best light weight backend database. These benefits have rendered PHP the primary choice of web development
How do you start learning PHP?
I started learning PHP by installing (WAMP – Windows, Apache, Mysql, PHP) in my local windows desktop. In case of UNIX users you can mention that you started using LAMP stack of PHP
What should I expect while choosing PHP training provider?
PHP the most popular scripting language is gaining popularity in a rapid fire pace. A web developer must have good knowledge on PHP to develop enterprise class applications. Many enterprises prefer PHPas their web technology stack as it is a open source software. PHP always comes with its twin database MySQL.Using PHP and MySQL it is very easy to develop dynamic database driven websites. Some important concepts and topics discussed in PHP training are as follows
1) Introduction to PHP
2) Install and configure WAMP (or) XAMP (or) LAMP(Linux specific) – Windows/Linux, Apache the web server, MySQL,PHP/Perl/Python(scripting language) all comes as an integrated package that can be installed at the click of a mouse. It is very easy to learn PHP upon this stack installation
3) PHP variables
4) PHP Functions, arrays
5) Connecting to database using PHP functions
6) Basics of HTML,CSS – Presentation layer the front-end decoration
7) PHP Object-oriented programming
8) CakePHP – the most popular easy PHP framework. Some other interesting frameworks like PEAR,Zend,IgnitePHP are equally popular
This training syllabus depends on the training provider.
Facebook Newyork Looking For PHP/MysQL Engineers :
Is it your dream to join master giant Not sure of how to make that happen. Here is an easy interesting approach to crack the facebook job and have a career at
Facebook recently launched its office at newyork on november 2011. Newyork office will have its east coast engineering group. Engineering group will comprise of many departments including tool development, web performance, data engineering departments to name a few. is a PHP/MySQL website and most of its tool development, engineering happens in PHP/MysQL, no sql databases including Mongodb that supports scalable large distributed environment. Hence if you are looking to start your career in this great company, follow simple steps
1) Learn PHP front end language. As most of facebook’s team is being lead by former google employees nowadays, C/C++, java, python, perl are also good options
2) HTML – the backbone blood and soul of any website is needed. Learn basics of HTML 5
3) Javascript – the browser side scripting is the much sought after client scripting code. jQuery the latest hottest javascript library is much sought after owing to its flexibility
4) CSS – the styling element that had gien elegant look and feel to facebook’s UI is a mandate. Learn basics on many different styles
5) Mysql – the backend database holds data. MongoDB is the future vision of facebook
Believe and you can achieve great

The one thing to crack beautiful career

When it comes to success some basic parameters including attitude, hardwork are of paramount importance. However, this doesn’t stop there. It needs much more to have best, bright beautiful tomorrow. Upon having introspecting the do’s and dont’s that play prominent role in taking us to where we want to be I was able to factor in FOCUS as the real one thing that does surpass every other good stuff. So, how does this magic happen? FOCUS as it says is not easy to FOCUS. Even best of the best successful people including Dhirubhai Ambani could not focus too much on a single business inspite of scratchign from nowhere. It all started with spices and took him to petrochemicals all along the way. Does this mean that he did lack focus (or) VISON? Certainly not. His FOCUS should have been to look for best opportunity in prevailing market conditions. Again too difficult to FOCUS on FOCUS. Now, comes VISION into picture. Vision is Big Success. FOCUS is money. But with big vision and focus, ambani was always open to opportunities from spices to textile to petrochemical
As an aspiring career aspirant, student, entrepreneur what should be my focus? It may not be definite as it becomes mandate to keep shifting goal post. Instead of focus create definitive milestones and set good timeline to hit milestone one by one. Say, if you are a student reading too many topics takes you nowhere. If you are a career aspirant aim for reaching second level real good soon. If you are an entrepreneur now the list of milestone is huge as scope is wide. Focus on one real thing that you are working on at any point in time to hit the bulls eye



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