AWS certified solutions architect associate practice exams

1) You have been asked to copy amazon machine image across regions? Can you accomplish that?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
Explanation : It is possible to copy AMI within as well as across AWS region. This is possible using AWS management console, AWS CLI or SDKs
2) You are utilizing tools like AWS management console to copy AMI across regions. Which action is internally made use of for this purpose?
a) MoveImage
b) CopyImage
c) MigrateImage
d) DumpImage
Answer: b
3) What types of AMI’s can be copied as part of CopyImage action?
a) EBS-backed AMI’s
b) instance store-backed AMI’s
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above
Answer: c
4) You have an AMI with encrypted snapshot. Will you be able to copy that using CopyImage action?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
5) You are in process of creating AMI. Which API call is internally triggered during this process?
a) CreateImage
b) RegisterImage
c) ami-store-image
d) ami-deploy image
Answer: b

AWS big data certification practice tests

1) Can you configure your system to permit users to create user credentials and log on to the database based on their IAM credentials
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
Explanation : Users in amazon redshift database can logon using their normal database account as well as IAM account credentials
2) You want to secure IAM credentials for a JDBC or ODBC connection. How can you accomplish this?
a) Encrypt the credentials
b) Make use of AWS profile creating named profiles
c) Not possible
Answer: b
3) How will you directly run SQL queries against exabytes of unstructured data in Amazon S3?
a) Kinesis UI
b) SQL Developer
c) Hue
d) Redshift specturm
Answer: d
4) In terms of data write-rate for data input onto kinesis stream what is the capacity of a shard in a Kinesis stream?
a) 9 MB/s
b) 6 MB/s
c) 4 MB/s
d) 1 MB/s
Answer: d

AWS big data certification exam questions

1) Can we launch EMR cluster in a public subnet?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: b
2) Can you run an EMR cluster in a private subnet with no public IP addresses or attached Internet Gateway?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
3) You are running your EMR cluster in a private subnet. You will have to access your S3. How can you do that?
b) VPC
c) hybrid cloud
d) public cloud
Answer: b
4) You have EMR clusters running in private subnet. You will have to connect to AWS services that do not currently support end points in VPC. How can you connect to those services?
a) By making use of NAT instance for your
b) By making use of WAT instance for your
c) By making use of SAT instance for your
d) By making use of BAT instance for your
Answer: a
5) You have Queries that scans on a local secondary index. Does this consume read capacity units from base table?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
6) Does Kinesis Firehose buffers incoming data before delivering the data to your S3 bucket?
a) Yes
b) No
c) For specific S3 buckets
d) Buffers are available only during redshift load operation
Answer: a
7) Kinesis Firehose buffers incoming data before delivering the data to your S3 bucket. Could you tell what the buffer size range is like?
a) 1 MB to 128 MB
b) 1 KB to 128 MB
c) 1 GB to 128 MB
d) 89 MB to 128 MB
Answer: a
8) How long does each Kinesis firehose delivery stream stores data records in case the delivery destination is unavailable?
a) 12 hours
b) 24 hours
c) 48 hours
d) 72 hours
Answer: b
9) Which AWS IoT service transforms messages using a SQL-based syntax ?
a) Rule Actions
b) Rules Engine
c) Kinesis Firehose
d) Data Pipeline
Answer : b
10) How is fault tolerance possible in amazon redshift clusters when there is a drive failure?
a) Amazon Redshift continuously monitors the health of the cluster and automatically re-replicates data from failed drives and replaces nodes as necessary
b) RAID 5
c) RAID 1
d) iSCSI mirror
Answer : a



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