Career Comeback Blogging Tool

Career break on intentional and unintentional basis is something you need to patch up when you apply for your next job. There can be many different reasons behind career break including physical ailment, unexpected accidents, need to take care of elders in family demanding change of location that leads to job resignation as there is no remote working option, visa issues restricting dependents from finding their new job, most common being birth of a new baby, emotional turmoil that leads to resignation after new baby is born etc. In all these cases career comeback had always been a great challenge. In this post we will deal with tackling career comeback utilizing blogging as a tool
What will employer expect from career comeback candidate?
An employer be it startup or well established employer, all they expect is attitude to start with. If you have ever had career break, blogging could be your attitude determining tool that will compensate for the career gap. Lets demonstrate this statement with a real-world example.
Say, you had to quit your job after your baby is born, you choose to stay away from job for next three years and planning to enter workforce after three years. How should you use blogging as a career comeback tool?
1) Start a simple blog – The blog topic and content should be relevant to your past job experience, expertise
2) Consider yourself as expert in this niche – This demands you to read, keep yourself up-to-date
3) Blog the learning every single day – This shows your ATTITUDE and commitment even when you are out of job
4) Include your blogging project as current work in linkedin profile – This will demonstrate that you never wanted to stop thinking about career, stop working but for time being owing to unavoidable reasons you had to break from career
5) Freelancing project blogging – If you are from technology background volunteer to takeup freelancing projects. Blog your technical learning that will help you bag more projects

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