Career of cloudera bigdata analyst

Want to take up career as a Cloudera bigdata data analyst? Interested in learning the requisites? Here is the outline of requirements to emerge as a cloudera big data data analyst
1) The primary skill necessary to find career as adata analyst is SQL
2) In hadoop specific environment it becomes mandatory to learn tools like pig scripting, Hive, impala to analyse big data
3) Deals with high level analysis is involved. Dont need to be a developer
4) Learn how to get data other systems like datawarehouse, databases
5) Learn how to analyse big data set
6) Knowledge of basic relational databases comes handy
7) Basic unix commands definitely helps. Some interesting commands include mkdir,rm,cp,move etc
8) High level programming language knowledge definitely helps. Most preferred languages include java, python, perl
9) Knowledge of ETL, hadoop framework is a plus
10) You get to learn hadoop data ingestion tools, analysis using pig scripting, hive commands, impala to name a few