AWS associate architect exam questions

1) What is the total volume of data and number of objects that can be stored in Amazon S3 bucket?
a) 1TB
b) 2TB
c) 5TB
d) Unlimited
Answer : a
2) You are uploading objects onto amazon S3 buckets using PUT. What is the largest object that can be uploaded onto S3 in single PUT operation?
a) 5TB
b) 5GB
c) 4MB
d) 5KB
Answer : b
3) What is the maximum size of amazon S3 objects that can be stored in S3?
a) 3TB
b) 5TB
c) 10TB
d) unlimited
Answer : b
4) You have requirement to upload object onto S3 bucket that is 4TB in size. Which capability will you make use of?
a) Multipart upload
b) Multipart PUT
c) Mutipart update
d) Multipate caching
Answer : a
5) What are the different storage classes offered by amazon S3. Choose all that apply?
a) S3 IA
b) S3 RRS
c) Amazon Glacier
d) EBS volumnes
Answer : a,b,c
6) Can I store 0byte sized file in amazon S3?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : a
Explanation: S3 can store unlimited data with sizes ranging from 0 bytes to 5TB
7) You want to delete multiple objects from S3. How can you accomplish that?
a) Multi-Object Delete operation
b) Multi-Object Purge operation
c) Multi-Object Drop operation
d) Multi-Object Truncate operation
Answer : a
8) When using a custom VPC and placing an EC2 instance in to a public subnet, it will be automatically internet accessible and you do not need to apply an elastic IP address or ELB to the instance. Is it true or false?
a) True
b) False
Answer : b
Explanation : As part of this configuration we need to allocate an Elastic IP address and assign it to your instance after it’s launched
9) If an Amazon EBS volume is an additional partition and not the root volume we can detach it without stopping the instance. Say if this is possible?
a) Yes, although it may take some time
b) No, you will need to stop the instance
Answer : a
Explanation : Yes. An EBS volume other than root volume can be detached from live running instance. AWS CLI commands can be used for this purpose as well
10) You just started using AWS. Do you know how many regions are there in AWS?
a) 11
b) 13
c) 16
d) 20
Answer : c
Explanation : By 2018 new regions in stockholm sweden will be available. Lots more have been planned and expansion actions are underway owing to growing popularity of AWS. Keep watching for this value to change in coming days
11) I’ve saved my files in S3. How durable are they?
a) 99.999999999%
b) 99.99999999%
c) 99.9999999%
d) 99%
Answer : a
Explanation: As a easy memory trick remember 99. nine 9’s. Count it for double confirmation 🙂
12) You are making use of oracle database in AWS RDS. Your performance tuning team recommended change of parallel_processes parameter followed by instance reboot to bring down CPU spike in production environment. Currently you have multi-AZ deployment in place. Can you reboot this oracle instance now?
a) Yes
b) No. Reboot not allowed in RDS
Answer : a
Explanation : It is possible as multi-AZ will failover the instance onto standby database, update DNS as reboot with failover is allowed by multi-AZ
13) Your manager asked you to test oracle RDS high availability. Is it possible to force a failover of oracle RDS configured in multi-AZ?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : a
14) You have access to AWS CLI and have been asked to reboot the RDS instance with forced failover. You have oracle RDS to work with now. How will you accomplish that?
a) reboot-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
b) restart-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
c) shutdown-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
d) switch-db-instance –db-instance-identifier ORACLE_SID –force-failover
Answer : a
15) You have created a new security group. Is all outbound traffic allowed by default?
a) Yes
b) No
Answer : a
Explanation : By default, a security group includes an outbound rule that allows all outbound traffic
16) You have been asked to choose an instance that are designed to provide moderate baseline performance and the capability to burst to significantly higher performance as required by your workload. Which one will you choose?
a) T2 instances
b) Compute Optimized Instances
c) Memory Optimized Instances
d) Storage Optimized Instances
Answer : a
17) You are looking for an instance that offers small amount of consistent CPU resources and allow you to increase CPU capacity in short bursts when additional cycles are available. Which one will you choose?
a) T2 instances
b) Compute Optimized Instances
c) Memory Optimized Instances
d) T1 Micro Instances
Answer : d
18) Where are individualized instances provisioned?
a) Regions
b) Availability Zones
c) Globally
Answer : b
19) You have to assign your own metadata that will help you manage your Amazon EC2 instances . Which form will you make use of?
a) Tags
b) Wildcards
c) Certificates
d) Notes
Answer :a
20) To save administration headaches, Amazon recommends that you leave all security groups in web facing subnets open on port 22 to CIDR. That way, you can connect where ever you are in the world. Is this correct?
a) True
b) False
Answer : b
Explanation : This will be security issue

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