Building a business from scratch

As an entrepreneur aiming to launch new business you can create a checklist based on this idea to launch your next business. This includes both online and offline model of businesses
1) Idea – Many of us think the fundamental element of any business is money.This can be true to some extent. However, idea is the key for any business. If you have money you can think about investment options like stocks, fixed deposits, CD’s, real estate to name a few. IF you have an idea you can think of starting something on your own. Basically any business is built around a simple idea. IF you have both idea and money you can expand the business real quick. Money comes as supporting medium and byproduct of your hardwork. Have confidence and launch your idea today even if you are running out of resources
2) Write up – Write the steps to be followed to launch your business. This can include brainstorming sessions with your close friends, family etc. When you write the tasks to be completed you get it right most of the time
3) Prioritize – Once the steps are in place the next step is to prioritize them. This can include steps like launching business website, choosing site, pr marketing, hiring and setting up team to name a few
4) Plan – Create a plan after setting priority. This can include steps like looking for best hosting provider for your business website. In project management terms the work to be done is broken down and the work breakdown structure created in this
5) Execution- This step follows planning. The real business action starts now. This is often toughest portion of any business. Your hard work, 100% commitment, perseverance come into role in this step
6) End Result – Output of any good business is the expected end result. This usually comes in form of turnover, revenue you name it

PL/SQL Parameter Types Interesting Facts

A parameter is the value that is used in PL/SQL subprograms(procedures,functions), calling programs(could be anonymous PL/SQL blocks, another subprogram,simple EXECUTE procedure_name(parameter),EXECUTE function_name(parameter)). A parameter in calling function/procedure and called program can be any one of the following three types :
1) IN Parameter – It is passed as a read only value from calling program to called program. If we try to modify this IN parameter value in procedures being called, it gives a compile time error
2) OUT Parameter – OUT parameter is the value passed from calling program. It is modified and given back as output to calling program. We can display the value of OUT parameter using DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE, iSQL*PLUS host variables also called as global variables(in oracle 11g isql*plus is no longer available), using VARIABLE variable name datatype; EXECUTE procedure_name(parameter);PRINT variable name. The variable name is the OUT parameter value returned and displayed in host environment. We can also use this inside oracle forms, reports, java and c applications
3) IN OUT Parameter – It is both value passed into program, variable returned after processing. This is a common type used in most reporting systems where we need to format the output display. A very good example is phone number which when passed as raw value is say 9874563789. After making changes, the output is going to be say 987-456-3789

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Amazon Identity and access management engineer

Amazon IAM [Identity and access management] engineer is the cloud engineer who utilizes IAM infrastructure components and performs integration of components. Lets take a career overview of this role
1) Should work closely with developers to design high performance, high available systems
2) Should have configuration experience in AWS including AWS IAM including cloudformation, IAM roles, security groups etc
3) Should focus on up-time, speed , reliability of environment while working on AWS IAM
4) Should understand AWS and strengthen existing infrastructure utilizing AWS IAM
5) Network knowledge for troubleshooting comes handy
6) Database knowledge comes handy

Oracle Table SET UNUSED Column

We can set a column in a table as UNUSED. When we specify this clause the column becomes invisible and inaccessible. It is equivalent to dropped column. This column can be dropped at a later time when there is less resource consumption.We’ve seen that it is not possible to use SET UNUSED clause with the SYS tables
Now we demonstrate the usage of SET UNUSED as a normal user(schema user) :
SQL> connect temp/temp
SQL> desc test;
Name                                      Null?    Type
—————————————– ——– ————————
ID                                        NOT NULL NUMBER(38)
NAME                                               VARCHAR2(10)

SQL> insert into test values(1,’info’);
1 row created.
SQL> insert into test values(2,’new’);
1 row created.
SQL> alter table test set unused (id);
Table altered.
SQL> desc test;
Name                                      Null?    Type
—————————————– ——– ————————–
NAME                                               VARCHAR2(10)
DROP UNUSED Column Oracle Table:
If a column in a database table is set as UNUSED it is essential to drop it at a later point of time. This can be done as a bulk UNUSED column drop. It is simple to specify DROP UNUSED COLUMNS clause along with ALTER TABLE. Here is how we go about it :
SQL> alter table test drop unused columns;
Table altered.

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Selenium interview questions

What is test automation?
Test automation is the process of making use of software like selenium to automate the execution of tests, perform outcome comparison with expected outcome.
What is test automation framework?
Test automation in simple words is the automation of testing processes. Automation framework is a system built with needed components to perform this process. When it comes to test automation it is a framework that determines, controls the automation of a specific product. Automation framework is a system built on set of rules targeted towards testing a specific product
What is the advantage of test automation framework?
Automation is coded. This code can be reused for automating many test cases
Little manual work is needed once testing is automated
Testing cost reduction
One time development of code and framework can be reused multiple times
What are the testing types supported by selenium?
Regression testing
Functional testing
smoke testing
sanity testing
When is xpath used with selenium webdriver?
For traversing and finding elements within a document xpath is used. Elements that can’t be found using locators like id, class, name etc in a webpage can be easily located using xpath which is a syntax used for addressing into a document
What are the types of xpath?
Xpath falls into one of the following categories:
Absolute xpath – xpath single forward slash is used to locate the document root as per xpath expression. It is a direct way to find an element in a webage. If a change is made in the lement path the xpath will fail
Relative xpath – This starts with double forward slashes. This is used to search for the element anywhere within the document. This is common xpath expression widely used
What can be tested using selesense commands?
Selesense commands are selenium commands used for web application testing. A tester can make use of the selesense commands to perform the following:
Check broken links
Check for existence of UI objects
Ajax functionality testing
Alert testing
list option testing
windows testing
What are all the types of selesense commands?
Commands give direction to selenium automation engine on what needs to be done. Selesense commands fall into one of the following categories:
Actions commands
Accessors commands
Assertions commands
What are the components of selenium toolsuite?
Selenium tool suite is composed of multiple software tools.Detailed information and description of each and every software in tool suite is as follows :
Selenium IDE :
Selenium IDE, Integrated Development Environment is used for building test scripts. It is well integrated with web browsers and is a prototype tool.
It is based on simple concept of record and play back.
It isnothing but a firefox plugin that is well integrated with web browser, has a handy user interface and used for developing automated tests.
Record and playbac is simple record of steps that a user performs. These actions are stored as reusable scripts. These scripts are portable across many different
What is pip?
To install packages related to python pip utility can be made use of
How do you install a package with pip in python environment?
pip install [packagename]
How do you install selenium web driver using pip?
pip the utility used to install packages in a python environment will help us install selenium webdriver using simple syntax
pip install selenium
What is a selenium locator?
A selenium locator is an address that identifies the web element uniquely in a webpage. There are many different locators in selenium as follows:
XPath – standard navigation tool for xml
CSS Selector – this can be tag and id, tag and class, tag and attribute, tag class and attribute, inner text
DOM – The document object model is standard for navigation through html element tree

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Schema Password Repository Creation oracle fusion middleware

Just as we choose same password for all the default database accounts say SYS,SYSTEM,SYSMAN,DBSNMP, we can choose same password for all the schemas or different passwords while creating a repository using repository creation utility.
1) We can specify same schema passwords for all the schemas
2) We can make use of main schema password for auxillary schema
3) We can make use of different schema passwords for different schemas
Value of Custom Variable Master Repository ID(001) is invalid. Value should be a number:
I tried installing and creating a repository using repository creation utility. I specified the value of Master Repository ID as a alphabetic name. I got the following error :
Value of Custom Variable Master Repository ID(001) is invalid. Value should be a number.
solution :
I changed it to number and the issue got fixed. It is to be noted that even the work repository ID should be a valid numeral.

Oracle Transaction Controls Governor overview

What is Oracle TCG?
Oracle TCG stands for Oracle Transaction Controls Governor.

What is the use of oracle TCG?
Oracle TCG helps to ensure that individual transactions are safe.

How does oracle TCG achieve transaction security?
Models can be defined. Models specify the circumstances under which transactions pose risk.

How are the models defined?
Models are defined on an individual transaction basis.

Oracle spatial interview questions

What is an oracle spatial?
Oracle spatial is an integrated set of functions and procedures that enables spatial data to be stored,accessed,analyzed quickly in an oracle database.
What are spatial data?
Spatial objects exist in real or conceptual space and details on location of objects in this space represent the spatial data.
What is a geometry?
A geometry is an ordered sequence of vertices that are connected by lines or circular arcs.
Name few geometry types:-
Commonly used geometry types are points and point clusters,line strings,n-point polygon,arc line strings,arc polygons,compound polygons,compound line strings,circles,optimized rectangles.
What is a data model?
Data model is a hierarchical geometric model that represents spatial data in form of layers.Layers are made of geometry which in turn are made of elements.

Oracle timbo internationalization

Timbo is an open source project undertaken by Oracle Corporation.It supports internationalization.
Timbo is a message catalog library. It is a simple hashed database of message indexes.The message sources are XML specified by timbo.dtd.
Timbo Tools :
mktimbo – creates a library from XML source.
mktimbolate – creates and merges language-specific sources from the main source file.
timboget – queries message libraries from the command line.
po2timbodoes – a simple translation of the English source to the initial englishTimbo file.
The tools have dependancies on Glib 2 and libxml 2. po2timbo depends onPerl. If we only wish to build the library, specify –disable-toolsas an argument to configure.