What does environmental specialist do?

Environment is the place we live in. It starts with air,water, soil,pollution, waste management,soil quality to name a few.
Environmental specialist is someone who is responsible for daily compliance monitoring and reporting of various environmental tasks. They work under environmental managers. They help managers in their environmental projects related to air, water, soil, waste management,waste regulation,pollution control etc
Some of the job responsibilities include:
1) Getting involved in environmental projects working under environmental managers
2) Implement initiatives to make sure environmental projects are in compliance with federal, state, local environmental regulation
3) They track and maintian the regulatory record. This can in form of updating SPCC-plans, SPCC record keeping etc . SPCC is the spill prevention, control and countermeasure
4) They assist with developing procedures to help company maintian compliance within env regulations
5) Manage and maintian air quality compliance
6) Provide oversight for operations in regards to water quality, air quality, spill response. Perform remediation if needed
7) Involve and manage hydrostatic testing operations
8) Get involved in waste management projects including waster disposal facilities, prepare waste profiles, sampling, analysis and assisting with waste manifests
9) Manage soil, water monitoring and remediation if needed
10) Fantastic co-ordination, interpersonal and communicaiton skills
11) Must be willing to work on and off hours
12) Basic computer skills including MS word, excel, powerpoint,visio
What does it take to become environmental specialist?
Most companies look for degree in environmental science. This can be associate, bachelors degree in env science, environmental engineering etc.

NABCEP Corporate Fund Raising using Sponsorship levels

NABCEP has always been struggling to improve the quality of renewable energy installations. As a measure towards that NABCEP has come up with initiative of corporate fundraising offering different tier sponsorship. All these level of sponsorship offer the following benefits

1) Company logo with the level of sponsorship is displayed in NABCEP website

2) A letter of appreciation from NABCEP

3) NABCEP offers companies right to display NABCEP logo in their website

Here is the detail on different level of sponsorship and their unique benefits

Sponsor Designation Annual Sponsorship Benefits of Becoming NABCEP Sponsor
Platinum $15,000 Platinum sponsor display plaque
Gold $10,000 All the requirements mentioned above
Silver $7,000 All the requirements mentioned above
Bronze $3,500 All the requirements mentioned above
Green $1,000 All the requirements mentioned above

Where do I start my donation?
Start your donation using NABCEP Corporate Donation Brochure

In case of questions contact NABCEP’s Executive Director, at (800) 654-0021 or by email at info@nabcep.org.




Oracle full backup incremental level 0 backup difference

Oracle offers option to perform full backup of oracle database. This internally performs backup of all the datafiles belonging to the database. To start with a full backup is nothing but backup of all the content (in oracle terms blocks belonging to datafile) needed to properly rebuild and bring back the database without any issues. It should be carefully noted that this is not just a copy of datafiles. All the blocks that are needed for proper rebuild alone are copied. Hence, the size of datafile backup can be less than datafile size itself.
Now, coming to level 0 incremental backup created with incremental level=0 does the exact same job of full backup
Lets see command syntax of both full and incremental backups:
Full Backup:
RMAN> backup as backupset FULL database;
Lets see how incremental level 0 backup works:
RMAN> backup as backupset INCREMENTAL LEVEL=0 database;
Both of the above mentioned commands does the same job of performing full backup of database.
What is the difference between these two?
Full backup can’t be used with incremental backups that are taken at incremental LEvel 1 and so on
LEVEL 0 incremental backups can be used with incremental backups
This easy restore and recovery makes INCREMENTAL LEVEL=0 a preferred backup mode over FULL backup
Image Copy:
RMAN offers another option to perform byte by byte backup of datafiles. This makes sure backup can be copied using OD utilitiy commands like cp . This is called image copy backup. Here is the simple syntax:
RMAN> backup as copy database;
This saves time with restore of datafiles
Choice of backup can eb done weighing pros and cons

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Forex devaluation brokers dealers Municipal Bonds Market types

A deliberate downward adjustment to a country’s official exchange rate relative to other currencies. In a fixed exchange rate regime, only a decision by a country’s government (central bank) can alter the official value of the currency.
Contrast to devaluation is “revaluation”.
Brokers/Dealers/Registered Representatives hold a license. They are given licence from Security Exchange Commision (SEC).
Municipal Bonds:
Municipal securities include municipal bonds and notes.Municipal securities are brought to the market in the serial form.(i.e: there are several different issues of smaller size).
This is different from corporate and federal offerings. They are not serialized. They are brought to the market as one single issue.This is known as Bullet offering.
If the longest term issue has a substantially larger quantity than other issues, the offering is said to contain balloon maturity.Each issue is independent and has its unique ID or CUSIP number.Municipal bonds are quoted at a basis prive. They are traded in terms of yield-to maturity.
Market Types:
Depending on the manner in which financial instruments (stocks, bonds) are traded, there are two major kinds of market :
1) Primary Market
2) Secondary Market
Primary Market :
New stocks and bonds that have never been traded before are sold at primary market.
In general new issuance happens as IPO (Initial Public Offering) or as seasoned offerings where more shares are added to the market.
Underwriters (Investment bankers who act as underwriters) bring new issues to the market via IPO, seasoned offerings.
Secondary Market :
It is a mrket in which assets that have been sold in the primary market are traded.
Trading happens between investors and dealers which is generally via exchanges.
Some famous exchanges are NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), London Stock Exchange.