Savings Catcher Walmart SmartApp for Smart Savings

Walmart founded by Sam decades ago is meant to be a shop for smart shoppers. Known for its affordability and range of choices Walmart has always been boon for middle class professionals

As a next step walmart has gone mobile . The interest app on walmart is SmatApp that is a boon for smart shoppers.

Where do I find this app?

This app can be downloaded for iPhone, Android devices

This app can be boon to shoppers as it lets you compare prices and save more

MongoDB Introduction

Primary Reasons why MongoDB project came about:

 Following are the important reasons behind the introduction of MongoDB to the world.


1. Hardware changes like the following that made it necessary for a new DB to be developed:

  • Distributed environment
  • Cloud Computing
  • Importance of Parallel Processing
  • Application that uses lots of CPU cores

2. Scaling without incurring significant costs (Ex: Companies moving to big data)

Development Speed:

  • Making application easier to manage
  • Relational DB technology is old

Complex Data:

  • Ability to deal with complex, unstructured data

Mongo DB Characteristics: 

  • MongoDB uses concept of NOSQL (Not Only SQL).
  • Uses Horizontal scaling methodology (for building large clusters) instead of vertical scaling.
  • Uses document oriented structure to store object style data which is a JSON (Java Script Object Notation) which is language independent.
  • Document is the basic unit of storage and document is stored as a unit
  • Mongo Query language is built out of JSON
  • MongoDB uses JSON oriented database, internally the data is stored as BSON (Binary JSON)

Datasax raises $106 million funding lightning expansion of nosql databases

Datasax the organization that deals with humongous data that utilizes nosql database technology Apache Cassandra has raised $106 million in venture capital funding. Following raise of capital by MongoDB that accounts to approximately $231 million, couchbase databases upto $100 million and many such nosql database players growing lightning fast market projection of NoSQL databases is about 3.4billion in 2020. This has increased by about $2.4 billion as compared to last year
So, what is the road map on which DataSax travels?
The prime motto behind this fund raising is to takeover its competitors including Oracle and microsoft that are market leaders in database space for more than a decade. This is an evidence of fastest growing NoSQL market that offers close to 100% high availability utilizing replicaiton technology. Start learning mongoDB to keep abreast of market with your NoSQL skills. Learn mongoDB from

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