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PMP exam the popular credential offered by Project Management Institute aka PMI is often considered crown certification among project management aspirants and job seekers. The essential credential many employers, recruiters look for while hiring project managers is the PMP.
PMI often conducts review of its exam content in the form of role delineation study that takes into consideration roles, responsibilities of project managers in many different industries, the way they evolve, keep changing to meet current trends. This is included and updated in PMBOK, Project Managment Body Of Knowledge the standard that gets updated by PMI on a priodic basis. This update on an average does happen once in two to three years.
PMBOK book is the basis upon which PMP credential is designed. Complete understanding of PMBOK knowledge areas, tasks within each knowledge areas is often expected as an essential skill while choosing project managers who undertake new projects as well as someone who is already well experienced and standardizes himself by understanding PMBOK.
PMP exam preparation involves lot of preparation, practice. We at PMP Exam Prep would like to help you with exam preparation and success by providing useful PMP exam preparation articles. For daily updates in your inbox, have an email subscription with us.
PMP is the most popular project management credential:
PMP the project management professional certification exam from PMI the project management institute is most popular among project managers. As an aspirant aiming to learn project management concepts PMP credential is most sought after in market and the PMBOK standard is widely accepted. Hence, PMP credential is the crown among project manager aspirants
Let us see why PMP is most popular and widely accepted among project manager community?
PMP exam is a rigorous process that attempts to validate the quality of candidate starting from application process. PMP exam application process validates the experience, educational qualification, expertise of candidates appearing for PMP exam to make sure they are competent to handle multi-million dollar projects upon completion of exam and acquiring PMP credential. This indirectly demonstrates the competency of candidates holding PMP credential

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What does energy sector project manager do?

Project managers are responsible for undertaking an endeavor that has a definite beginning and end called the project. In energy sectors the role of project managers more likely happens to be a functional project managers. A person who has very good experience and expertise in project management is also expected to have energy sector associated functional acumen to make it big. Here is a simple career overview of what a energy project manager career:
1) Energy related career knowledge. This can come from commercial sectors, institutional sectors, industrial sectors etc
2) Building systems associated knowledge like boilers,HVAC/R, Chillers etc come handy
3) Energy is associated with consumption. As a project manager it becomes inevitable for them to devise a strategy to improve energy efficiency, lower costs, conserve energy, devise measures to achieve the energy goals
4) Project management skills including – planning, budgeting, time management, cost management, quality management, vendor negotiation, contract finalization etc is mandate. Certifications like PMP come handy
5) A project manager demands supreme communication skill. This involves interaction with lots of stakeholders, developing and maintaining stakeholder relationship including customer relationship
6) Knowledge of microsoft office tools like word, power point, excel come handy
7) Must manage contractors and customers
8) Must work with customers to find cost-effective strategies to reduce energy usage and demand
9) Track the project status, progress using appropriate energy metrics
10) Create reports on project progress/status and communicate to appropriate stakeholders
11) Must have vision towards the program and propose measures to improve program as such. Generally project is a sub-component of a program
What does it take to become a project manger in energy sector?
Bachelors degree in energy sector, environmental science etc will help you find your job real fast

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Healthcare IT professionals should learn oracle

As a healthcare IT professional be it developer, tester, dba, business analyst, support engineer, analytics engineer, healthcare big data scientist to name a few all these professions depend on healthcare information.
Healthcare information is stored in a database. In most traditional systems database being made use of is either RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server upto today’s big data getting supported in mongoDB, Cassandra and such NoSQL databases.
With majority in mind lets take a quick look at different tools form Oracle corporation that are extensively used in healthcare arena to start with:
1) Oracle database – Starting with Oracle 7 until upto latest Oracle 12c most healthcare organizations have started adopting Oracle database as preferred database backend to store, organize, retrieve and display data. Basic skills related to oracle database including clients like sqlplus, SQL developer are preferred client tools to access oracle database
1.1) If you are a developer connectivity drivers like JDBC, OBDC etc is being used depending on if the environment is Java, .NET etc will be used as part of code to connect to database, process procedures/functions/such database objects and process the data
1.2) As a tester you will be mostly involved with product validation from front end. However, basic sql skills with ability to access backend is needed and expected out of many testers/software quality assurance professionals these days. They also make use of sqldeveloper, sqlplus etc. As they try to access database directly as a security measure some healthcare organizations demand the creation of read only access account by DBA’s and include members of testing team as part of this user profile
1.3) DBA the core database professional who is 200% responsible for making sure database is up, running, available for accessing patient information all the time performs lots of tasks starting with database installation, upgrade, maintenance, monitoring the database, ensure high availability starting with basic backup, restore, recovery, until upto advanced solutions like RAC , dataguard, golden gate to name a few. They provide 24×7 database support on rotation basis
1.4) Healthcare Business analyst is someone who knows the healthcare business with IT knowledge including database. They act as liasion between clients and development. Most business analysts report to project managers and will need to perform first level of testing of product before final release. So, database knowledge comes handy
2) Online Analytical Processing aka OLAP – The online analytic processing tool from Oracle helps with analysing the data and reporting the information in database. OLAP establishes connectivity with database and creates analytic cubes
3) Report developer – Healthcare organizations use tools like crystal reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, core PL/SQL (or) T-SQL functionality etc to access database and generate reports. The most common package utl_file is used to create files like csv report from database using PL/SQL tools on the fly
4) Oracle DICOM (Digital Imaging and communications in medicine)- As a DICOM professional if you are looking for support from Oracle, now oracle comes with its proprietory Oracle DICOM support to be used by DICOM developer. DICOM protocol along with imaging physics is the basic requirement expected out of some imaging developers
5) Vendor Neutral Archive aka VNA Professional – With emerging trends in healthcare VNA the vendor neutral archive stores and transfers data across disparate vendors. This implementation is heavily used in canada, UK clients

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HL7 an option for lucrative healthcare it career

If you are in medical field and if you find interest in entering the lucrative healthcare IT business it becomes mandate to start with some healthcare IT certification. Today lets talk about HL7 certification as a career option.
So, how to start career with HL7 certification?
If you are preparing for control specialist certification exam it offers you unique opportunity to learn about segments that digitize the health information of patients. This data needs to be sent across information systems and to make the disparate application systems talk to each other, HL7 standard becomes common language.
Upon completion of HL7 control specialist certification exam you can find career as
1) Healthcare system engineer
2) Healthcare system configuration specialist
3) Lab system implementation specialist
4) Lab system configuration specialist
5) HL7 control engineer
6) Interface manager
7) Business analyst/Subject matter expert
8) Hl7 developer
9) HL7 tester
So, if you are totally new to HL7 where should you start?
Look for companies that offer emr/ehr. To find an entry HL7 tester is the way to go. Start with free internship on weekends.

WordPress plugin for effective digital media marketing

As a longtime user of wordpress for many of my own blogs, I’ve recommended most of my friends to use wordpress and they have had fantastic success on using this. Here are some common mistakes that I did before few years, that could have been avoided had I known before. I wanted my readers to be fully conversant about this and here are the list of plugins that can be installed after installing wordpress in hosting account, pointing website/domains

WordPress JETPACK PLUGIN – Important!! Important!! Very Very Important!! This lets you configure social media publishing automated and makes this 100% automatic. Download and install this absolutely free. All you need is an account from wordpress

1) Install SEO Yoast Plugin – This is a popular wordpress SEO plugin. I’ll teach you more on SEO yoast in forthcoming posts.I’ve been using yoast the most popular SEO plugin for past few months. As a simple step when we create post with appropriate title, meta description and posts with some words, hit update button, the SEO status of our post immediately does pop-up. This can be
1) Bad SEO
3) Good SEO
Initially I didn’t think this is going to improve my post quality and writing pattern. However, these days I observe that unless otherwise my posts are able to get Good Rank in yoast SEO I don’t feel like publishing it.
Surprisingly that has had indirect impact on my site’s alexa ranking, traffic and rest follows
All I can say is as a beginner in blogging space as well as if you happen to be experienced blogger, you can beautifully toast your post with yoast plugin.
This is the plain psychological pattern that a school kid has. We always aim to be on good grades with better rankings and this is no way different
Also, validating the SEO quality gives guarantee about quality of content and Yoast SEO is definitely day 1 plugin
As a simple test you can start your wordpress blog/website, post 10 good quality posts and in less than a week definitely see some alexa ranking improvement
2) Install Advertisement Management Plugin – This lets you add advertisements like google Adsense ads, affiliate banners in the following positions – below post, below page, below page title, below post title to name a few
3) Install Askimet – This protects from spam content
4) Data Exclusion Plugin – It would be better to remove date form posts. I’ll discuss more detial on this plugin including how to configure it. Meanwhile it would be better to have this in place
5) Google Sitemap XML – This is heart and soul of SEO. Download this, properly configure it, create sitemap, submit to webmasters like Google, Bing etc

Create content with full interest for best success

Content creation and media marketing are the core pillars upon which online branding and success of any business depends on. It would be better to focus on productivity while creating content for digital media marketing
1) Use desktop sticky notes – The bright beautiful sticky notes from windows is a boon for any goal setter. Write simple goal in sticky notes before going to bed. It would be interesting if you write one goal in one stick note. This will be writing down one thing in one piece of paper
2) Pick one topic while creating post- Pick a random sticky note and start creating post on this. If you dont know what to blog the first line of your blogpost can be same as title of the post. This is to overcome boredom during blogging.
3) Fast blogging with mistakes agreeable – Don’t interrupt your thoughts. Write down whatever does pop-up. Don’t focus on spelling mistake. This is like running in treadmill. Once done, drink a glass of water and check for spelling mistakes. Correct this, highlight needed areas, post it
4) Automate all your social media publishing – I use free Jetpack wordpress plugin for this purpose. I’ll discuss in detail about this plugin. This automatically publishes to all social media and takes this cumbersome task off your shoulder
5) Google likes perseverance – As part of SEO google always expects fresh, evergreen content. Hence, creating new content as well as keeping existing content up-to-date are critically important. From google analytics pick top posts, maintain an excel on top posts, note down the ones that cna be enhanced – say if you write on plugins, there can be enhancements, new releases etc. this means that you improve your posts that has top spot. This will make google believe that you are perfect at maintaining your content and will be given preferential treatment

Go branded online in 3 minutes

An entrepreneur aspires to build a brand. Brand recognition comes with proper online presence. Every business be it service, product manufacturing, retail needs online presence. The web spider binds us together and help us acquire business in less than 2 minutes. Business online builds good reputation.

At the beginning it might sound scary to figure out how you can take your business online. Many web design companies quote hefty amount that makes you hesitant to proceed further with launching your business online.

To help you all with launching your business online lets give easy instructions that will help you take your brand online

1) Register a domain – This can be as low as $1. This cna be done with popular hosting providers like Godaddy. A reputed brand in itself, that has been in existence for more than a decade, godaddy always stands class apart with their quality of service, uptime, availability. Our recommendation would be to register a domain with godaddy. As a new year bonanza enjoy this exclusive offer from Godaddy for members. This offer doesn’t last longer. Don’t miss it

2) Get a proper hosting account – Again godaddy helps you get 100% uptime. We have been using it for more than 6 years without any problem. Also, godaddy offers lots of interesting hosting plans that includes as low as $1 per month for single website , shared hosting, dedicated VPS hosting and many more
IF you are looking to pull more traffic there are popular web hosting providers like siteground that does a fantastic job
3) Choose a very very easy to use CMS – You can install wordpress that comes extermely handy. When you make use of godaddy you can install at the click of a mouse. Most of the hosting providers do offer cpanel option , wordpress installer that helps in blog install in less than 2 mins
4) Create an email subscriber list – This is the primary thing that you should really focus on starting day 1. For a beginner I recommend Google’s feedburner that comes 100% free. All you need is a valid gmail account. Once you have a gmail account log into, create a feed, create an email subscription list, add to website and start retaining visitors as customers

Importance of digital media marketing for business success

As an entrepreneur , small business owner, corporates with large presence locally as well as internationally all of us aspire to achieve big. The fundamental building block of a business is its customer base. As such to reach out more users who could be prospective customers online presence gains more importance these days. Companies spend millions in SEO firms, PPC campaign , online advertisements etc to make it real big. After spending lots of money if a business website finds prominent position in google it becomes essentially important to make it last long.

Customer acquisition, customer retention, customer satisfaction are the three major principles that drive customer relationship. Among these online presence of a business help us accomplish the following:

1) Customer Acquisition – When a user finds your website online he clicks on the website, explores it and see if your product or service does suit his need. If so they go ahead and place the order. Now you have acquired a new customer

2) Customer Retention – Say you honor the commitment of your customer. Now, he prefers to be our fan and visits your website back in few days which is an indication of customer retention. He will help you get more business

3) Customer Satisfaction – How satisfied is your customer? You can integrate a feedback form to your webpage and customer becomes a satisfied customer

For all of these the essential necessity is to live long in google search.

What does it really mean by live long in google search?

Google has been rolling out panda, penguin updates on periodic basis. This is to make sure that a google visitor aka customer gets value added service from google. The first , foremost thing they can offer for free is original, unique, good quality content on topics related to search in google. This makes google class apart and google rocks.

With rolling updates you can choose to survive only if you guarantee very good quality website to google. Apart from content google takes into consideration the following factors when deciding on prioritizing the results

1) Content is the king – Information is wealth. Google values original, unique, good quality information and algorithm internally ensures the quality rather than quantity. Let me talk about my case study with one of our websites. It was a technology website launched years back. Though this is a good website with lots of articles this had some old articles on some topics related to technology that has been enhanced in latest version of that product. As these pages have not been updated this website was hit by panda rollout. To fix it we had to remove irrelevant articles, update some articles and there has been slow recovery since then

2) Deliver results at lightning speed – True . Now google needs faster website. Gone are the days wherein customer keeps waiting so long to load a page from google results. Choose a perfect hosting provider with best plan that delivers results real fast. Choose appropriate hosting plan. Make use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast delivery of images

3) Authority Rules – Stick to one topic and you can publish posts on related topics. But more laser specific you are , greater are the chance that you win. Laser focus adds more value to niche you choose. When you choose a niche to make it a quick success make sure this is related to your career, profession and keyword density makes you calss part and google gives you positional advantage

4) Google prefers clean website – Fix duplicate content, broken links. Make use of the Googles best SEO Assistant, Google Webmaster Tools for your SEO needs. Find list of Crawl errors and fix them appropriately. We will be alking a lot on this

5) You dont need unnecessary links to back you – In the past sites with plenty of backlinks are given preference. This black hat tehcnique was adopted by many SEO that turned out to be spam and drastically affect even quality websites these days. Best thing would be to disavow unnecessary backlinks using Google Webmaster Tools

Choose to live long in google and you are the winner

Oracle database open across versions causes ORA-39700

Oracle database backup performed using RMAN is used as the basis to perform restore and recovery in test server. As such the test server should host oracle home whose version should be same as the production from which backup has been performed.

If an attempt is made to perform restore and recovery across different versions, restore will be successful. When it comes to point of recovery again the archives are applied and there wont be much issues.

As a last step while we attempt to open database using reset logs option, following error is recorded :
RMAN-03002: failure of alter db command at 02/20/2016 06:10:50
ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
ORA-00704: bootstrap process failure
ORA-39700: database must be opened with UPGRADE option
Process ID: 3991
To fix the above error perform the following steps. The error mentioned above will leave database in idle state. Follow these steps:
1) Log into sql prompt and perform database startup in upgrade mode:
startup upgrade;
2) From the oracle home, run the catalog upgrade script as follows:
3) Bring down the database
shutdown immediate;
4) Startup database in normal mode
5) Make sure there are no invalids
select * from dba_objects where status=’INVALID’;
6) Run utlrp.sql to fix invalids if any
The above mentioned steps will fix ORA-39700 bootstrap related error. While the database remains functional for few hours, look at alert.log and make sure there are no issues

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Can projects intersect with operations as per PMBOK

This is a tricky question on pmp. What do you think about intersection of project and operation? In the very beginning as soon as we started learning project management, we have been told that project has definite beginning and end. Operation is a task or set of processes that happen on an ongoing basis. So, what is the need for a project to intersect with operations?
Consider a startup firm looking to hire project managers. They aim to launch a new product. The goal will be to launch a new product at an affordable price. As such there is a need to set up service and support department. It can be in same location or could be outsourced to save money and avail tax benefit. These scenarios demand change in existing business operations.
Say when a new product is launched, new service and support department is setup in a startup or a well established enterprise there comes a need to initiate a project to support the change in business operations. To change pattern of current business operation we should first learn what the current ongoing operation is like. This needs to be modified in accordance with scope of new product or organizational change. These changes will not impact ongoing current operations. However, the changed business operations that needs to be implemented via projects do depend on current operations and the scope of the new projects is focused on new business operations. Now comes intersection of project management onto operations.
It should be noted that current operations are not impacted but implementation of new business operations project may or may not depend on current operations. The intersections comes into picture when current operational practices are taken as basis, common things exist between operations etc.
Where does the intersection typically happen?
Intersection of new business operations implementation projects intersect projects with operations in one or more of the product lifecycle phases:
1) Product closing phase
2) Product development phase
3) Product upgrade phase
4) Output expansion phase of product
5) While improving product development
6) While improving operations needed for product development
7) End of product lifecycle

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