SmartStyle Haircuts from Walmart

Hair saloons at affordable price from Walmart branded as SmartStyle Hair Saloon.SmartStyle offers 2Haircuts for $10 each. Smartstyle offers pre-pay option that lets you pre-pay $20 and avail 2 haircuts.

In addition to this SmartStyle offers 20% off with any regular priced hair care item with a service purchase

Where do I find more information on this?

This can be easily obtained from

This if valid at participating locations including TGF hair salons located inside walmart.

Shop for new home with Discover Deals

Discover Deals the deal portal from offers you option to shop for your new home. ShopDiscover the registered branded site from discover card offers great savings when you shop for new home.
ShopDiscover offers Discover Deals including:
1) Cashback Bonus
2) Save in store and online
3) Option to choose from over 150 brands including –,JCPenney,Kmart,Macys,Toshibha to name a few
How do I avail it?
This is an easy to use interface online that can be used at ease of home. Access the portal online ShopDiscover. We can shop anywhere anytime including mobile App. Choose by searching for brands and deals they offer. All payment can be made using Discover Card

Do I get additional benefit?

Yes you do. Log into

Choose Discover Deals offer

Earn an additional $5 Cashback Bonus. Offer valid until 10/31/2014. This cashback bonus will be applied within 8 weeks of qualifying purchase


Projection Operators in mongoDB

MongoDB has some inbuilt projection operators that are primarily used for data retrieval. Lets take a quick look at the mongoDB projection operators and their usage:

1) $ – When a query is issues on a collection, documents are retrieved. $ projects the first element in the array after the query condition is matched

2) $elemMatch – This operator projects the first element in an array. Array is returned when specified $elemmatch condition is matched. Same as LIKE in RDBMS

3) $meta – This operator is used to project documents score assigned during $text operation

4) $slice – Limits the number of elements projected from an array. Supports skip and limit the number of slices. Same as limit condition in RDBMS

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