Backup Control File – Two Formats

Controlfile is the crucial file of oracle database as it stores information on database structures. Controlfile is automatically backed up once there is a change in structure of database, at the end of every backup. In RMAN if CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP is set to ON, this automatically back up controlfile and spfile at end of every backup.

We can manually backup controlfile while database is operational with the mandate that database runs in archived log mode

1) Binary Format
2) Human readable format

Backup controlfile in binary format

alter database backup controlfile to ‘/filepath’;
alter database backup controlfile to ‘/filepath/’ reuse;

Backup controlfile in human readable format

alter database backup controlfile to trace ;
alter database backup controlfile to trace as ‘filepath’;
alter database backup controlfile to trace as ‘filepath’ reuse;

The controlfile backedup in human readable format contains database structure in human readable form. These are the set of commands that got executed at the time of database creation. By removing the comments this file can be directly used if needed.

HL7 V2.7 Control Specialist Sample Exam Series 14

1) What are ADT trigger events concerned with?
i. single objets such as admit event that creates a message that contains data about a single person/account
ii. Relationships between more than one object like merge event that specifies patient or account merges
iii. collection of objects that may have no specific interrelationships (eg. A record oriented location-based query, whose response contain data about a collection of inpatients who are related temporarily by local geography)
a. I,ii,iii
b. ii
c. iii
d. I,ii
e. i
Correct Answer : a
2) Consider the following message. If we fragment segment ‘C’ using ADD segment it should be logically same as which of the below choices
C |345|678|90
a) A|1B|2 C|34 ADD|5|876|ADD|90D|1
b) A|1B|2 C|35 ADD|4|678|ADD|90D|1
c) A|1B|2 C|34 ADD|5|678|ADD|90D|1
d) A|2B|1 C|35 ADD|4|678|ADD|90D|1
e) A|5B|2 C|34 ADD|1|678|ADD|90D|1
Correct Answer : b
3) There is one-to-many relationship between message types and trigger event codes. What is true in following statements:
i. The same trigger event code may not be associated with more than one message type; however a message type may be associated with more than one trigger event code
ii. All message types and trigger event codes beginning with letter “Z” are reserved for locally defined messages. No such codes will be defined within the HL7 standard
iii. The same trigger event code may be associated with more than one message type; however a message type may not be associated with more than one trigger event code
iv. All message types and trigger event codes beginning with letter “Z” are never reserved for locally defined messages. Such codes will be defined within the HL7 standard
a. I ,ii
b. I,ii,iv
c. ii,iii,iv
d. I,ii,iii
e. ii, iii
Correct Answer : a
4) Consider the message below :
————–(fragment 2)
By applying segment fragmentation across message.Which of the message will be logically same as above message :
a) MSH…|2.4|DSC|12345 ADD|12345
b) MSH…|2.4|ANY|12345
c) MSH…|2.4|ANY|12345 ADD|12345 DSC|12345
d) MSH…|2.4|ANY|12345 DSC|12345
e) MSH…|2.4|ANY|12345 ADD|4325
Correct Answer : b
5) In ERR segment the field ERR-5 represents
a) Error code and location
b) HL7 error code
c) Error location
d) Severity
e) Application error code
Correct Answer: e

What does 7 in HL7 Signify

Before learning a technology, domain, standard it is always good to know the history or some interesting facts behind their name.
As a first step towards HL7 learning today lets see the reason behind 7 in HL7 naming convention
So, what does 7 in HL7 signify?
1) HL7 is the organization that does create, maintain and publish standards that have become norm of healthcare application interaction. It starts with simple healthcare workflow where in a visitor does check into hospital, a visit is recorded and transmitted as a HL7 message onto corresponding department systems. This can be radiology department PACS, medical imaging department etc. HL7 does the good job of two way message transfer which involves transferring information back onto RIS/EMR/EHR from imaging applications. With current advent of VNA the vendor neutral archiving, IHE the healthcare interconnect standard importance and usage of HL7 is gaining great importance
2) The healthcare standards developed by HL7 is geared towards data exchange between healthcare applications
3) When we make applications talk to each other, we should think of Open System Interconnect, OSI model which is composed of 7 layers – physical layer,data layer, network layer,transport layer, session layer, presentation layer and finally the 7th layer – APPLICAITON LAYER
4) HL7 is used by applications to talk in common language and hence derived its name HL7 from the application layer, the seventh layer in OSI

HL7 V2.7 Control Specialist Sample Exam Series 12

1) In ERR segment the field ERR-3 represents
a) HL7 Error code
b) Severity
c) Application Error code
d) Error location
e) Error code and location
Correct Answer : a
2) In ERR segment the field ERR-10 represents
a) Application error parameter
b) Error code and location
c) Override type
d) Application error code
e) Override reason code
Correct Answer : c
3) In ERR segment the field ERR-6 represents
a) Error Location
b) HL7 error code
c) Application error code
d) Application Error parameter
e) Error code and location
Correct Answer : d
4) Using the default encoding, each HL7 segment should end with
i. ASCII character 04 ( end of transmission)
ii. ASCII character 06 (Acknowledge)
iii. ASCII character 08 (Backspace)
iv. ASCII character 13 (carriage return)
a. iv only
b. I, ii, iiii and iv
c. Iii
d. I
e. I and ii only
CorrectAnswer : a
5) What is true in below statements?
a. HL7 standard address how transmission errors should be dealt with
b. Is it possible to run HL7 on different network architecture such asDECNET, SNA and TCP/IP
c. HL7 does not confirm to ISO defined elements of the OSI seventh level
d. The 7 in HL7 referes to the seven-layered Open System Interconnection (OSI) model
Answer : a. a, b,c,d
b. a,c,d
c. b,c,d
d. a,d
e. a
Correct Answer : c

HL7 V2.7 Control Specialist Exam Series 7

Today we will be discussing practice questions on HL7 v2.7 compatability rules related topics
1) What is covered in HL7 v2.7 message definitions?
a) adding messages
b) adding message constituents
c) changing messages
d) changing message constituents
e) None o Above
Answer : a,b,c,d
Explanation : HL7v2.7 version compatability covers adding messages , message constituents,changing messages, changing message constituents
2) What can’t be changed as per HL7 v2.7 compatability rules?
a) messages
b) segment group name
c) message constituents
d) all of above
Answer : b
Explanation : b
3) What messages (or) message constituents can be changed?
a) field datatype
b) data type component
c) descriptive text name of messages
a) None
Answer : a,b,c
Explanation : Field datatype, data type component, descriptive text name of messages are the message constituent that can be changed
4) Message constituents that can be changed as per HL7 v2.7 version compatability rule is?
a) optionality of message constituent
b) repetability of message constituent
c) segment group name
d) None
Answer : a,b

HL7 V2.7 Control Specialist Sample Exam Series 13

1) Name the environments that supports robust transport level but do not meet high level requirements
a. IBM SNA LU6.2
b. SUN Microsystems NFS
d. Point to point connections
e. Pipes in UNIX system
Correct Answer : c
2) HL7 standard assumes that communications env will provide the following capabilities :
i. Error free transmission
ii. Ii. Character conversion
iii. Iii. Message length
iv. Secured network area
Answer : a. ii,iii,iv only
b. I and ii only
c. ii and iii only
d. I, ii and iii only
e. I, ii and iv only
Correct Answer : d
3) For primitive point-to-point connectivity what is mode of transfer of HL7 messages?
a. SNA LU6.2
b. FTP
e. RS-232
Correct Answer : e
4) Out of the below which healthcare application areas are included as part of the HL7 environment
a. Patient administration
b. Order Entry
c. Financial Management
d. Observation Reporting
e. Master files and indexes
Answer : a. a,b,c,d,e
b. a,b,c, e
c. abd,c,d
d. b,c,d,e
e, a.b,d,e
Correct Answer : a
5) Regarding trigger event which of the below statements are true
i. One to many relationship exist between message 7 trigger event
ii. More than one trigger event may be associated with a message
iii. Trigger events are allowed at several different levels of data granularity and inter-relationships
i. Iv.Unsolicited update can be initiated without trigger event
ii. Single trigger event is associated with one message type. Multiple messages may be associated with single trigger event
Answer : a. I,ii,iii
b. I,iii,v
c. i
d. I,ii,iii,iv,v
e. iii,iv
Correct Answer : a

HL7 V2.7 Control Specialist Sample Exam Series 11

1) What does field ERR-11 represent in ERR segment
a) application error parameter
b) Override type
c) Override reason code
d) error code and location
e) application error code
Correct Answer : c
2) What is meaning of ERR-1 in error segment ERR?
a) Error code and location
b) HL7 error code
c) Application Error code
d) Error Location
e) Severity
Correct Answer : a
3) In ERR segment the field ERR-4 represents
a) Severity
b) Error code and location
c) HL7 error code
d) Error Location
e) Application error code
Correct Answer : a
4) In BH segment the field BSH-4 represents
a) Batch receiving application
b) Batch sending application
c) Batch sending facility
d) Batch type
e) Batch receiving facility
Correct Answer : c
5) What are the advantages/disadvantages of either using a dedicated , propreitory interface and an interface using HL7?
1. A dedicated, propreitory interface can be targeted and optimized to the environment in which it operates ii. It probably will interoperate easily with other applications iii. HL7 interfaces are broader in scope and require more effort to define and constrain , but when well-defined are easier to implement, maintain, extend
a. I and iii only
b. I, ii and iii only
c. I,ii only
d. iii only
Correct Answer : a

Hl7 v2.7 control specialist sample exam series 10

1) HL7 does not take responsibility for the following
a. data security
b. Interface engine
c. Acknowledgement
d. Relationship between messages
Answer : a. a,b,c,d
b. b,c
c. a,b
Correct Answer : c
2) Which are basic type of messages defined in scheduling transaction set?
a. Query transaction only
b. Unsolicited transaction only
c. request transaction, query transaction, unsolicited transaction
d. request & query transactions
e. unsolicited transaction and query transactions
Correct Answer : c
3) When the transfer of information is initiated by application system that deals with the triggering event, what is the transaction termed as?
a. solicited query response
b. unsolicited update
c. unsolicited display update
d. solicited query response
e. trigger event
Correct Answer : b
4) An event in the real world of healthcare which creates the need for data to flow among systems is
a. query
b. trigger event
c. unsolicited update
d. solicited update
e. message
Correct Answer : b
5) Select true statements from below :
i. An unsolicited message is a transaction that is generated by some type of event that occurred at a semi-random time, and was not solicited by receiver
ii. A trigger event specifies the context of a certain transaction , in many cases the reason for being
iii. Trigger events are always random and unplanned
Answer : a. i
b. I,iii
c. I,ii,iii
d. I,ii
e. I,iii
Correct Answer : d

Hl7 v2.7 control specialist exam series 9

1) In MSH segment the field MSH-4 represents
a) Receiving application
b) Sending facility
c) sending application
d) message type
e) receiving facility
Correct Answer : b
2) In MSH segment the field MSH-10 represents
a) Version ID – correct answer
b) sequence number
c) Message control ID
d) Processing ID
e) Message type
Correct Answer : c
3) In BSH segment the field BSH-3 represents
a) Batch receiving application
b) Batch receiving facility
c) Batch type
d) Batch sending application
e) Batch sending facility
Correct Answer : d
4) Message definition has following type of relationship with LLP aka Lower level protocol
a. anticipated
b. always related
c. no relationship
d. likely
e. expected
Correct Answer : a
5) The examples of environments which provide high level services and can work upto presentation level are
b. IBM SNA LU 6.2
c. TCP
d. Pipes
Correct Answer : b

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